Friday, October 19, 2001


dear blog,
today is thursday. the week is almost to an end. yay. i am doing community service this weekend so i can feel like a good, productive member of society. or, to help out people in need. either way, i'm doing it. my statics test was postponed five days. that was nice. but come on: realistically, that's just five more days i have to procrastinate. i think i need to switch my major. it's engineering arts. screw that. oh blog, what do you think i should do? if only you weren't a mute, our relationship would mean all the much more.
[later that day]
dear blog. do you want to hear something funny? i've been singing Stuck in a Moment by U2 all day long now, and i'm at the library, singing it so i write it in big block letters across my statics homework. statics. as in vectors, forces, and, yes, you guessed it, Moments. A vector moment, for those of you who care, is the turning effect of a force about a point equal to the magnitude of the force times the perpindicular distance from the point to the line of action of the force. there are i think 4 different ways of defining a moment in statics. but how do you define the other typoe fo moment, the kind that U2 sings about? how long is a moment exactly? have you ever said that you 'had a moment' with someone? i certainly have, in my mind at least. whether or not it was reciprocated is another story in itself. but let's see the longest moment i've had is probably close to 3.5 seconds. i would hate to be stuck in a moment, as bono sings it. imagine calling your boss and saying "hi boss, it's so and so... i hate to say it, but i'm going to miss that meeting this afternoon, i'm stuck here in a moment" or if you're late for a date, and you show up in a huff, explaining to your distraught social playmate that you're so sorry, you were stuck in a moment, and will you please forgive me so i can get laid tonight? well blog, it's been a treat talking to you, but i have to break this moment we're in (and my it certainly surpasses my aforementioned longest moment of 3.5 by a landslide), and get back to vectors. vectors schmectors. whoever invented vectors, i'd like to kick in the shin. oooh that would be sad. nevermind. forgive me for being mean. love, lindsay.
p.s. blog, how have you been?
p.p.s. please write back

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