Tuesday, July 30, 2002

it's weird

Monday, July 29, 2002

dear blog, i am so dr--k right now i'm surprised i got my password right, seeing as how it is so random, just like everything else in my life right now. but i am especially proud right now, though, because although it is 3:32 in the a-m right now, and i am typing without error, but this has taken me 13 minutes so far, because i am correcting myself. what the hell am i talking about, is what i really want to know. i met some guys from dublin tonight, like 20 minutes ago, and i tried to lecture them about peace, about how they and their kids can promote tolerance between them and the north. he really didn't want to hear what i wanted to say, although he did listen to me, thank his soul. so he did listen, but he thought i was full of crap, probably because i told him i was from canada (windsor) and not from the u.s. because i didn't think he'd listen to me if i were from the united states. ok, this blog is getting really boring, but how proud am i that i didn't make any grammatical mistakes (or personal mistakes, although i did think about it) in this super-long, unnecessary paragraph.

Thursday, July 25, 2002

what up. i am guilty... guilty of having a computer 5 feet from my bedroom, guilty of checking email every day, guilty of reading all of you fellow bloggers everyday, yet, i do not post. forgive me. ::: ok not that i'm done being a dork :::

i'm not lying, i have to make this quick because i have to be somewhere pretty soon. buttttttttttt, a short post will suffice. so i had a fun experience in the bar a couple of days ago... a guy that i was talking to saw that i didn't have a drink, and was like "hey let's go get a drink." i'm thinking, sweeeeeeet, cuz i didn't have any more money to spend on alcohol, literally i had 15 dollars to spend in a foreign country for the next 48 hours. so we get up to the bar, order and stuff, then he goes "yeah i'd pay for your drink but i'm poor." asshole. he goes to georgetown, i don't think he's poor. so that was my cool experience with a tool-shed. good thing i had money though. why did i even just write that story, now i am the tool.

but anyway, i loved scotland. oh my gosh, it was GORGEOUS. even the city was beautiful. (edinburgh). oh GET THIS! so that night of the aforementioned story, we got home from the bar, i'm laying on my towel in my youth-hostel bed (uhhhhh let's not even go there) and the windows are open, cuz, let's face it, youth hostels have an everlasting stench. not the point though. so just up the street, about 1/2 a mile, rod stewart was playing a concert at the Edinburgh Castle, in the car park. all of a sudden i hear "iiiiiiiiiif you think i'm sexy, annnnnnnd you want my body, cooooooome on baby let me know! na na na naaaaaaah na, na na na na na na naaaaaaaaa, na na na na na na na" for real. it was sweet. that's like my favorite rod stewart song of all times. waaaaaaahooey.

oh, another COOL thing, which makes me feel very COOL, i saw a play here in dublin, called Da, and guess who was in it? kobayashi (sp?) from the Usual Suspects. man, that was soooo cool (said in a surfer accent, which i really did in my head). omg.

alright, well enough of THAT for today. i'll try my best to post more, but i really like reading everyone elses instead, so we'll see about that. ciao.

Thursday, July 11, 2002

tomorrow i am going to hop on a bus and go around the coast. our first stop will be wicklow, and we're going to be doing some hiking and what not, after that, who knows. i have a bus schedule, a back-pack, and a credit card. and some friends to come with. it's going to be sweet. hell, even our classes are sweet. tom french came to read his poetry to us, and it was just awesome. we saw about adam in our film class, and i laughed because i had seen it on ch. 12 a few months ago... hardly an irish film classic, but apparently it is. the guinness is mmm mmm good too. next weekend i'm going to scotland! what is in scotland, you may ask? and i may ask you the same question too, because i have no idea. but i'm going. and i'm no longer scared of youth hostels. ; ) as much fun as i am having here, i miss you guys! but i will be home in no time, so i will have as much fun as i can here and then get as much out of my last couple of weeks of summer too in the hills of beverly (and rochester... and b'ham... and troy, yadda yadda). alrighty, i'm off... like a prom dress!

Wednesday, July 10, 2002

so i'm just chillin in ireland right now. dublin actually, then in a couple of days we're going to go see the irish country side. i have decided i'm not a city girl, but such a statement does not imply my dislike for dublin, because it really is a sweet place. hot boys, plenty pubs, and all that comes with. i won't be "connected" in the country, but that's a good thing. hmmmm what we ARE lacking however is a television. sweet sweet television. j/k kinda. anyway, that's all for now.

Thursday, July 4, 2002

another blog from ireland. funny how i don't say much in these (2) blogs. i really don't have much to say though. the rest of the m.s.u. group will be here tomorrow, and i'll be glad for things to really get started. that's it... talk to ya later, readers.

Wednesday, July 3, 2002

whoa guys, i'm blogging from ireland. just wanted to say hi! take it easy, ok?