Sunday, August 29, 2004

AbercrombieBoyXL: what kind of hobby are you looking at?
AbercrombieBoyXL: ?
AbercrombieBoyXL: something you can do at home?
linds1982smith: something to pass the time
linds1982smith: that does not involve drinking/getting fat
AbercrombieBoyXL: hmmm
AbercrombieBoyXL: you could just be a geek
AbercrombieBoyXL: build computers
linds1982smith: all that is computers is waaaay over my head... i had a co-worker try to teach me Access (i know, completely unrelated to building computers, but bear with me) this summer and after he started with "define the variable by doing this..." my eyes just glassed over and all i could think about was how hot computer geeks are
AbercrombieBoyXL: hahahahah
AbercrombieBoyXL: so you jumped access boy
AbercrombieBoyXL: which is what he wanted
AbercrombieBoyXL: because he was making the shit up anyway