Friday, November 29, 2002

i could sleep for, like, a day straight. i'm going to go make out with my bed.

Wednesday, November 27, 2002

i don't go to class, and i wonder why i get 60% on my exams? well, that's a lie, cuz i don't really wonder, i just pick up my exam and go "oh, a 60%" without expression and then go about my day. and like i try and think of what i do when i don't go to class, and i really come up with nothing. i haven't been hanging out a lot... haven't been talking to people really... not so much t.v. as earlier in the year... sure as hell don't work out... i guess i HAVE been working a lot, i guess. i love the girls at my work, we have so much fun ripping on people and things and more people. i'm going to miss my work girls, but not as much as i'm going to miss my *girls*. : ( i know i'm not like dying or something, but moving away is becomming a big deal to me! it's like so... away. could i sound any stupider with that last sentence? it's funny to actually type out how you say things in your head. hahaha. yessssss. my home rules. i like it, cuz there's just so many people here. like, i come home, and there's 5 of us, doing our thing around the house. then we all make and eat dinner together. it's so... cool! shit i am sounding stuuuuupid, but i always think about the future and when/if i have a family, i want it to be just like mine... i can't imagine not having 2 brothers and a sister, it's like the best thing ever. ahhhhh. must get married soon and have kids! of course, my husband will be an aspiring writer or musician, and offer to stay home at least part time so we can both work and raise said child(ren).how much fun does that sound?!?!

Sunday, November 24, 2002

oh my, howie day may be one of the hottest people alive... except when his people yell at my people. : \ : D

Saturday, November 23, 2002

i don't know why, but i find it absolutely necessary to sit around in my towel for at least fifteen minutes after i'm out of the shower. just thought you might like to know. ; )

p.s. yeah i'm a little nekkie under my towel right now. : D

Thursday, November 21, 2002

the clock is ticking down on this semester. i really didn't/don't have any grand goals or anything - i thought i'd study and go to class and stuff, but alas - so i'm really not disappointed or anything. if anything, slightly reaffirmed about going to fort wayne. either way i look at it, i have 2 semesters til i graduate. either finish early, get a job early, that bullshit, or finish in 4 years, graduate with 1 year working experience, and make myself more "marketable." it's sick to think that i may be doing this co-op for that very reason. because that's not what i want to think about on my deathbed, when i am trying to recap my life in the last 30 seconds i have to breath. "was i marketable?" so i really don't know what i'm doing this for really. i know there's some hidden, subconscious reason why i'm going... and i guess i just can't wait to get there and try to figure it out.

Monday, November 18, 2002

there never was a clean plate, without some dirty fingers.

Tuesday, November 12, 2002

revisited crushes are the best.

Monday, November 11, 2002

eleven-eleven, make a wish. :D
this weekend was a;lskjd;alskjdf;alskjdf. nothing really great happened, except for my meal sunday, which was just phenomenal. it was just panera's : ) but it hit the spot like whoa. all of my work trainers left, which is sad because i didn't get the chance to jump any of them. oh well. my foot still hurts, probably wasn't a good idea to run on it on friday, but i don't really give a fuck. i think it still would have hurt anyway. oh, so kare's news is just too much for me to bear. on the phone with her, i was like beaming, and it's her life, not mine! allllso, if you are an away message stalker like myself, i'll refresh your memory with the fact that i am THIRTEEN, not the 20 that i had thought. because i guess i think it's cool to act like an adolescent when it comes to boys. BOYS. not even men. ahhhhh. help!

Saturday, November 9, 2002

i just had the best conversation with kare and jame. it was just classic. kind of a "me too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" type of thing. hahaha, i love true laugh-out-loud moments. theyre' just great.
my favorite quote of the week, hands down: so i'm walking, talking with someone about how out of shape i am, a guy i have a mini on, mind you, and i said something to the effect of, 'if i do anything physical, i'd die.' to which he goes "so you're saying, you'd be out of breath if you had sex right now?" i hope it sounds as funny on blogger as it did in person, i just about died. but then again, i am a dork.
ok, i am so grooving to this band right now. i love being a band-aid (winamp-style).
not that i am an out-of-control substance abuser, but i have to take a drug test for fort wayne. i will pass (cross fingers) but still, i've never taken a drug test, and i feel kind of violated. i don't know why. i mean, i really don't even enjoy debating topics like that, but whatever. i'm over it actually.
ok, i am working a double shift tomorrow, at p.f. changs... on a SATURDAY. what the fuck was i thinking? first of all, on tuesday evening, (who goes out to eat on a tuesday evening really?) we were on an hour long wait. i can't WAIT to see how saturday night's wait is going to be. i know, i just KNOW, that i am going to leave that place with a back-ache, not because i have strenous physical work to do, but because that's a sign that i am stressed out. all of the muscles in my back just tense up, and you could walk on my back without me saying a word, cuz my back is all stiff and the muscles are tensed. anyway, why did i just share that with you all?
ok, howie day... free show at borders? hella cool. so excited. words. don't describe.
ok i had this dream i was pregnant, (hmmm maybe a sign to start working out) and then i took a home pregnancy test, just to be sure (even though i was like mid-pregnancy) and it turned out negative and i was just devastated. wtf is this supposed to mean? someone tell me!
then, i had another dream where ... okay i just forgot it. nevermind.
all i have to end with, is i wish i were 21. i'm not alcoholic by ANY means, actually i haven't been drunk in like almost 2 months, but i just wish i could go to the bar, have a few beers. it's no fun having a few beers in your apartment, especially when you are the only one home. : )

Thursday, November 7, 2002

so i'm standing in roxanne's kitchen, just minding my own business. (ok, i was really rummaging thru her kitchen for left-over halloween candy, but that's just between you and me)... so all of a sudden i hear a muffled cry for help. "lindsay?" at first, i was like "yeah, what's up" not even thinking about the words i was saying. i finally realized that 1) she had no candy and 2) that i had to go see what she needed help with because i had just answered her like a dummy. i take a step out of the kitchen, which proved to be just enough to see the bathroom door cracked open, and funny i should say crack, cuz roxanne was sitting her butt on the toilet, with her hand sticking out the door. "can i have some toilet paper?" okay, seriously, if candid camera was set up, i think i would have won top prize (of course, which i would have shared with roxanne... cuz really, who opens the bathroom door to ask for toilet paper?!) cuz the face i made was one of my classic faces. and that's all i have to say about that. oh, and amen to keeping extra toilet paper inside the bathroom, instead of in the front hall. hint, hint.

Monday, November 4, 2002

i really feel like working out right now... crazy considering i'm almost an athlete, or a person who works out for that matter. back in high school, i got a membership to the Y, and i worked out like crazy. i paid like 35 bucks a month or something, out of my pocket, and because it was my money, i made a point to go. come to think of it, i've been so financially responsible (save for a few minor mistakes) since i was 16, when i got my first credit card. everything i have bought since then, i have paid for. and worked for. i take that back. once my dad inadvertantly opened my credit card statement because it was being sent to my parent's house. he noticed my (extremely, for my age) high credit card balance, and paid 200 on it. which was super nice. but other than that, yeah. back to working out. oh, my point: i called the Y a few weeks ago to check out rates and what not, and it is fifty fucking dollars or something like that now. ok, i understand charging a lot for some chach place like the one above the gap, where all the sorositutes and their chums go, but the Y?? plus the 100 sign-up fee. screw that. michigan state's IM facilities are shameful... and i've grown sick of just running. i still have 2 months to reach my 2002 new year's resolution, which involved weight loss. am i the only person who thinks about new year resolutions like 10 months after the fact? my guess is yes. but i wrote this one down, so if i don't do it, i'm lame.

Sunday, November 3, 2002

i worked 40 hours last week. i am still exhausted. also had the biggest test of my life, which turned out to be less-than-fun. my sister ran in the State cross-country meet in 19:15, for 3.2 miles. that is a 6 minute mile for the whole entire time, isn't that amazing? i told someone that, and he was like "oh i could run that" and i was like "oh no you could not" because really guys just like to brag and say they can do things, they are all talk like that. halloween, sadly, i spent studying and working, but i had fun vicariously through kare and rox and rob. went to c.p. for the last weekend they were open last weekend, super duper fun. millennium force has to be the best roller coaster around, although the raptor does give you a head rush like whoa, and the new twistie one is also muy bien. that's really all i have to say for now, as i rack my brain for anything interesting i have to share right now, and i come up with nothing.