Monday, May 25, 2009

My husband couldn't WAIT to ride a tandem bike around Mackinac Island... With his cousin. It's alright. I was the willing historian. More funny pics to follow. The day could have only been better if my Murphy was in my bicycle basket.

Yeah it was only my first one but I gotta say Memorial Day is pretty fun but boy am I tuckered out! For once I am looking forward to my mom and pops go to work tomorrow so I can just sleep allllll day long.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sleeping beauty (who will pinch me for posting this.)


I'm green.
I buy natural soap, shampoo, detergent, food, cleaning supplier, the kit-and-kaboodle. Sometimes I let it mellow when it's yellow, I shut off the water when I'm brushing my teeth, etcetera etcetera. Yeah it's a fad, it's a trend, but I'm on the bandwagon for the long-haul.

But, that's not the type of green I am...

I am green... with envy.

Car envy - I see girls my age drive to work in Lexus, BMW, Saab... and I feel jealous of their wheels. I want that new-smelling leather. Shiny rims. Most importantly, the noticeable logo decal.

Clothes envy - I see people at work who rarely wear the same thing twice. Honestly! That, or they are the MASTER of mixing it up so you can never tell it's re-purposed. At any rate, me and my 10-shirt rotation (from Old Navy and Target) can't help but feel frumpy and out-of-touch with trends.

House-keeper envy - there's a girl at work who has a house-keeper. I WISH! I micro-manage our money just to keep us from bouncing a check; I can't imagine the luxury of paying someone to keep our house clean. I imagine the 10-second spats would all but disappear.

Hair-envy - just tonight, while enjoying a dish at Noodles with Nick, and eating slowly to allow more time for people-watching, I spotted a girl with the perfect shade of hair. Hers was more auburny-red than my stawberry-blone red. I said out loud "I wish my hair was that color." Nick just said "You need a haircut." The man speaks the truth, my friend. Which thus brings me to:

Hair-dresser envy - Ummm. I don't have a hair-dresser. I use coupons from the clipper to get my $8.99 haircuts. Okay, I won't lie, this has only happened once (my last haircut experience) but it will probably happen again in the next week or so. Cuz girlfriend's got some SPLIT ENDS. But I envy those girls who are BFFs with their hairdressers, sit and chit-chat with them, go every month, etc. I usually end up praying the "stylist" won't talk to me b/c I'm kinda anti-social.

But, in the end, this post is really silly. Because I realize... envy is not a pretty trait. You know what is? Gratitude.

So to counter my negative karma/energy/thoughts, here are the things I treasure, and the things that REALLY matter.

My husband, Nick. BFF. MOH. Proud Papa (to Murphy, don't get any ideas). Grill-Master. Expert Lawn-Mower (lest I have to step on frogs in the yard - truly, my #1 fear about cutting the lawn).

My Dog. I am a #3 (another post in the works...). I truly love the little guy.

My Family, both by blood, by marriage, and by friendship.

My health.
My awesome house. As much as it causes me headache, it's home to my little family.
My employer, for continuing to pay me. Ditto to my husband's.
OKAY - so this turned from jealous/snarky to Thanksgiving-in-May post. Speaking of which... I'm thinking we should throw a Christmas-in-July part... complete with Christmas cookies, eggnog, and mistletoe. Good idea or chirp-chirp-I'm-busy that night?

Signing off on that note...

P.S. I officially can't post pictures and/or get them aligned properly. Good thing I'm not a stickler to details or have any sense of aesthetic. :P