Saturday, December 12, 2009

sometimes you just have to lay in bed on a saturday morning until 11:30 with a towel around your head and your legs all akimbo...

Sunday, December 6, 2009

gosh i'm so tired. my moms and pops have had people over non-stop the past couple of days and i can't keep up! my mom can't keep up either, but at least she can sneak in naps, i can't do that with all these new people to smell and play ball with and give puppy eyes to and maybe just for a second try to hump. my mom said that i can't hump people because no means no. oh boy i am so tuckered out. i kind of just hope i can sleep all day but i think ny grandma and grandpa are coming over, and i really don't want to disappoint my grandpa by being asleep, because he loves to play with me and scratch my belly and talks to me in a funny special voice. i can't miss that. i think i know how my monday will pan out... me, the couch, and a whole lot of shut eye, that's what. no standing by the window waiting for my mom to get home, no standing on the stair landing looking for the yappy dogs next door
. just me and my zzz's. signing off and out, yours truly, mister moof.

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