Monday, October 1, 2001

sixteenth post

i love it when people presume they know things about you. michigan state put up a good fight in the football game this weekend. late night coffee shops frequently have good looking guys outside milling about. my eyes are sore and sleepy. oh how i love fall! i'll never tell what skipe means. i feel horrible burning entire cd's of artists i really respect, and i do it anyway. am i cheap? it is not a risk to do what others tell you to do. i think it's a sign of weakness. god bless america. no-god bless humanity and the entire human population. serendipity opens this friday. msu hockey creamed the opposition like corn. wow that was bad. i have yet to do my homework and i have no idea what the chapter is about. i'm probably wasting my parents money on this class. i will make it up to them when i graduate and am making 75+ fresh out of college. affirmitive action works in my favor this time. i think i can crack every bone in my body. insence smells (bad). people should not wake up the kid on the first floor to let him in the side door. walk your fucking ass to the front door would ya? i feel bad when i lie and expand the lie in order for me to not confront my true feelings and tell the truth. i am a wimp. i am strong. i deserve the best. a good quote from a movie is "never let anyone tell you that you don't deserve what you want." i want. i deserve. i am tired. time for bed in my freshly laundered and not-as-comfortable-as-home bed. i miss my yellow room.

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