Friday, November 16, 2007

Congrats Jack

These are exciting times, people. My friend Jackie has been elected to the Board of Directors for The Construction Association of Michigan.  Pretty sweet, considering she's probably one of the youngest women in the profession in Michigan and knowing that there's a plethora of people who immediately draw up their own conclusions about her just upon meeting her.  Heaven forbid a young woman has the strength, stamina, professional acumen, knowledge, and skill-set to oversee and manage a project in a heavily male-predominated industry!   I think it's pretty damn cool of her.   Hip hip hooray!

Thursday, November 15, 2007


I got a new P.C. at work... it's quite lovely.
Along with all of the other fabulous niceties, it came with the factory-installed GAMES.  You know, of the Minesweeper and Spider Solitaire variety.  Back in the day, I somehow deleted those off of my work computer, and was always too sheepish to call IT and get them reinstalled.
"But Lindsay, why do you need Minesweeper reinstalled, don't you have work to do?"

And so I went a long time without. It's like Christmas came early here at work. And I love Santa.
Current best time (expert, duh!): 186.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Weekend Wrap-Up

Friday night:  consumed an insane amount of Aubree’s pizza, ignoring my stomach’s plea to cease and desist at my earliest convenience. Also played (and lost) Kino for the 2nd time in my life, and thus realized I may have the tiniest of slivers of lazy gambling spirit in me.  (Other versions of lazy gambling spirit:  betting anyone who thinks they know more about celebrity gossip than you do, or playing slots at a casino, kerplink, kerplonk, kerplunk.) Commenced the night by buying I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry because Blockbuster was out, watched 30 minutes of it, realized how God-awful it was, listed it and sold it on EBay before the movie was even over.  I know, we’re such PARTY ANIMALS!


Saturday:  vigorous and deeply satisfying apartment cleaning, craft show, dinner with the in-laws and grandparent in-laws, drinks upon drinks upon drinks with Robby, and attempting to help a bro out by passing love lust notes and also failing miserably with my overt stares at the subject.  Big Ten Burritos were consumed, I think.


Sunday:  Alpha’s, hydrating, lazying, Tylenoling, moaning, crying, puking.  Waiting 1.5 hours for Thai takeout, telling myself “the wait will be worth it… the food will taste so much better after this wait” and then being supremely disappointed, wait or no wait, nay, especially because of the wait.  I imagined the food would taste that way coming up rather than going down.



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Friday, November 9, 2007

It's 9:45 p.m. on a Friday night... Nick and I are at home, I look up and see him looking at me, smiling: "I wish I could take a picture of you right now... you're sitting on the couch, laptop in your lap, knitting, with a pot of popcorn on the arm of the couch, and your feet don't touch the ground."

Since he DIDN'T take the picture and because, he was right, a picture wouldn't do it justice, I'll give you a pictoral representation, because I love you guys (all of my dear and loyal readers).

Thursday, November 8, 2007


The highlight of my work day and the only thing that really excites us around here is when we flip for pops. Rules of the game: flip coins until someone is the odd man out. If only 2 are playing, some calls ODDS (head + tail) or EVENS (tail + tail etc.) The new guy lost today, there were 5 of us playing. It took like 6 flips until someone lost. Corporate Excitement? Or Corporate Depression. Take your pick.  


Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I Am Currently...

…wondering how many more times I can be called "kiddo" by my colleague at work and not snap back…


…thinking non-stop about my delectable dinner waiting for me (to make) when I get home (Sharp White Cheddar Grilled Cheese with bacon and pear, courtesy of…


…eagerly awaiting my date tonight with Nick… downtown Ann Arbor field-trip to the cinema!...


…wondering if I will have room for popcorn or not…


…or if I should smuggle in some candy (girlfriend is MUCH TOO CHEAP to pay what the cinema demands!)…


…trying to bring back the word "cinema" if it isn't blaringly apparent…


…thinking that the INTERNET/EMAIL USAGE policy that was sent to our department by the department director was perhaps due to my incessant surfing…


…questioning whether or not one's body can learn to be lactose-intolerant after a year-long hiatus from (cow) milk, because DAMN [TMI? TMI.]

Monday, November 5, 2007

To Complain or Not To Complain?

Am I being a total bitch by being totally wanting to lay out the checkout lady at Meijer who palmed my coupons?   Now, I realize that by admitting that, I admit that I use coupons which just makes me feel cheap and all, but my anger far outweighs my embarrassment over being cheap.


First of all, they were dollar coupons. Worth whole dollars!   Dollars to pay for pops and lattes and, I don't know, electric bills. Secondly, eff you! I realize that I should have caught it while the transactions were happening, but I didn't put 2 + 2 together fast enough. I handed her coupons and the proceeded to finish bagging my grocery in my eco-friendly reusable bags. Damn, I was even DOING HER JOB and she still stole from me!  


As she handed me my receipt, I was all "why does she have crumpled paper in her hand?" but that's was the extent to that thought and I forgot it immediately. It wasn't until I got home and studied my receipt more closely that I learned of Cynthia's crime.   (Stupid Cynthia.)


Now, I realize that 1.) she works at Meijer and 2.) she probably needs the $2.00 more than I do, but it's the principle of the matter. I clipped those coupons like the frugal cheapskate I am so close to becoming it frightens me just a wee bit. She even had the audacity to chit-chat with me before hand!


So, if I make a formal complaint and she gets fired (not that I would have any way of knowing, per se…) would I sleep guilty at night, or forget all about it? Oh, the choices we make…


P.S. I freaking love daylight savings time. Bring on the dark skies, bia!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Feeling Guilty Typing This

Haha, I hate to admit it, but I'm typing this as Nick is talking to me about last night's Law & Order... it's 8:06 a.m. on Friday, I am at work and Nick has a vacation day so he's at home.  I have no idea why he's calling me at work to tell me this. I mean, we love Law & Order but a 8:06 a.m. call regarding an episode I missed? I guess it was a big on in that the ADA got killed off the show. Oh, nevermind, he's calling to discuss lunch plans.  Oh wait, he's saying he misses me. I left 15 minutes ago. Oh brother. I mean, boyfriend.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

National Blog Posting Month

I think that's what NaBloPoMo stands for.  All of my favorite bloggers do it.  Bandwagon time.  Basically it's one post a day, for the month of November (or so I've surmised based on my work-time surfing). Now, I gotta admit, I read a shit-ton of blogs.  Yet I hardly maintain mine on any sort of level that would qualify as a good blog.  I still use a Blogger template and can't even figure out how to do that properly.  I've been reading a posting since 2001 which is quite a long time in the blogging world, but my site needs some pizzazz and oomph.
My goal is to work on that tonight, the makeover of my site, but we all know how that goes...  I make a list of things I want to get accomplished in those short few hours after work and after I cook dinner, after cable tv consumes me for two hours, after the internet consumes me for another two, you know, those short few hours. (And it's not even like I have kids or pets or an education to work on... God I'm a lazy mofo.)
Also on my list of things to get accomplished in the next undetermined amount of time: (I know, how convenient)
  • Get a pet - because let me tell you, when Nick and I found this guy in our parking lot and walked around all of the condos nearby and couldn't find his mama, and we quietly adopted him for 3 hours, and re-named him, all while waiting for fliers to be printed at Kinkos for us to distribute the following morning, it was the best 3 hours of <strike>my life</strike> the day.
  • Get working on those New Years Resolutions - no, not writing them for 2008, I mean implementing my 2007 ones. You know, like, "FLOSS EVERY DAY" could work maybe, if I floss 20 times a day for the remaining 61 days of the year, maybe, just maybe, I'll have flossed 365 times this year. Does this count?
  • Declutter - did you know that clutter was the leading cause of Household Bickering, in a study done by Smith & Collins, LLC. 2007?  No?  Well now you do!  See also:  throw away holy underwear (as in, underwear with holes, not deity-like knickers), get rid of expired coupons, and clean out the refridgerator.  How domestic of me!

Til next time...