Tuesday, July 22, 2003

i don't think i wrote in my blog about how awesome guster was at tastefest. first of all, it's summer. summer concerts rule bar none. second, it was outside... kind of goes hand in hand with 1) because summer concerts tend to mean outdoor concerts. three: enjoying a few brew to your tunes with friends is the best thing to do on a saturday night. it was also awesome that it was downtown, i haven't been downtown in a while, and it was cool to see everyone walking around and enjoying detroit like they should. i even got a rad D bag from real detroit and ran into some people from high school. good times.

i got an email today from the HR coop coordinator at GE. she asked me if i had ever worked at any other GE location ever... because while she was doing payroll business, she found there's another person with my name AND my birthday. the catch is that she works in Asia. i wonder if my identity is being stolen here... call me crazy, but it seems a little weird that there's a Lindsay Smith with my birthday living in Asia. BUT* crazier things have happened, i guess.

i can honestly say i haven't done much with myself this summer -- and not in a "this feels good" way. i feel like a bump on a log, like a lazy-ass, good-for-nothing couch potato. i don't even know why i bother to go home on the weekends anymore, i just do the same loafing around there but end up putting 125 miles on my car and paying 30 bucks in gas to do so. hmm, but my parents have been keen on dining out lately, i take that back. definately worth it.

oh! how could i forget to write about the ann arbor art fair? ok, the art fair wasn't the most spectacular thing ever, but just chilling with my mom was so much fun. she got some cool art and we eventually made our way to a restaurant for dinner. awesome food and an amazing band -- get this, a chaldean guy doing blues. shit, he was good. we sat out on the patio and were right in front, so that was cool. we made our way back home and stopped for starbucks - my mom must keep starbucks in business, i swear - and i just had a really fun time with her.

counting crows concert is coming up -- i'm counting the days for that foe show. opening (or co-headlining?) is john mayer, not too shabby himself. i've never seen CC in concert so i'm stoked about that, and need to brush up on them. john mayer, i'm pretty confident i've stalked all of his music already, the concert should just be all around kick ass. hmm, i wonder where i put those tickets...

roxanne and i, a little bored at the bar the other night, played a little prank on some guys we met there. basically, for like an hour or so, roxanne was "valeria" and was from iraq and spoke no english. i was her family friend, who knew a little arabic, so i kind of "translated" and what not. these guys must have been super drunk, very gullible, or maybe rox and i are (gasp) good actresses, but they bought it. who knew making up arabic on the fly was so easy? so we were getting dropped off by them, they get out of the car to say goodbye or what not, and roxanne goes "corey, ben, aaron, thanks for a great night. see you later" or something like that. they all dropped their jaws and smacked themselves on the forehead, and roxanne proceeded to go make-out in my laundry room (for the 2nd time, mind you) but that's besides the point. it was great, we had a hearty laugh about it for a good twenty minutes while recounting it to ryan, my next door neighbor who always is up for listening to stories.

other than that, i have been lounging around, scrounging for something to do... i may or may not have a bar date tomorrow... we'll see how that goes. i will be less connected today on out. both tv and internet privileges are being revoked. this will be a good thing, i think. i also have an exam tomorrow, much to my chagrin.
i also have shin splints, which hurt like a MF. i have been icing them and such, and now you know the mundane details of my so-called life. great show! alright, on that note, i am outta here. my blogging has been sparse this summer, and i only anticipate it to be even more spaced out, with not having cable internet and all. oh well, what can you do? i will catch you all on the flip side, or maybe even on the un-flip side. you never know.

Thursday, July 17, 2003

"wow," i thought as i put down the phone. "that was a sobering thought."
go to www.google.com

type in Weapons of mass destruction

Click "i'm feeling lucky" (instead of Google Search)

Read what looks like a normal error message. pretty funny.

Tuesday, July 15, 2003

i hate that foggy time in the morning or afternoon after you've awoken from a bad dream. you're still trying to figure out if everything really happened, even though the details seem absurd, as they always do in dreams, and it turns out that those details are in fact what help us to realize that your bad dream was just that, a dream. but still, for the first 90 seconds or so, you're torn between feeling confused, scared, remorse, and/or fear. that has to be on my top five worst feelings.

next, i want to say that there are ten things i hate about you. and no, the last one is NOT "i hate how i don't really hate you at all" or something like that. on an unrelated note, heath ledger is much hotter as a blond.

five weeks minus a day and i'm back to my 8-5 job. hmmm. many ways to look at this... for one, my job location can only improve, i think. yeah it was cool to work building 18, with all the "top players" (omg, i am beside myself) but at the same time, i was the only co-op. no fun. : ( wait, there was a guy named fabio who was in a post-graduate program, he had a certain appeal to him that is just undescribable... which is good because i'm off on a tangent. so, this time around, i will hopefully be around more co-ops and stuff. and now i know a little more about how a coop should conduct herself and hopefully i can dazzle them with my wits. (ha, did you get it??? -- can you tell i've been watching teen movies or what) i now realize none of this is interesting, and will move on.

on august ninth, my family is running through hell. michigan. that's their slogan "run through hell." kinda catchy in that obvious, annoying way. we've done a few runs like that (turkey trot, race for the cure, jingle bell run, etc. etc.) and i *always* come in last place. even my little brother beats the shit out of me. this time around, i'm going for second-to-last. hey, gotta start somewhere.

hmm what else? got a 4.0 in my summer class, and even got honors credit for it. go me. i'm going for another 4.0 in my new class (thermodynamics, good luck) cuz it's been a while since i've had one of those. let alone two.

oh darnit, i wanted to tell a story right now, but i can't. it was funny, in a self-depreciating way, but i still can't publish it. my illusory audience might mad or incriminated if quoted. oh well, you'll have to conjure something in that little (or big, whatever) head of yours.

alright, i'm out yo. peace.

Friday, July 11, 2003

if you sell a man a fish, he'll eat for a day. if you teach a man how to fish, you've ruined a good business opportunity."