Wednesday, October 24, 2001


wish me luck on my statics midterm. i'm getting queasy thinking about it, so i'm going to stop talking about it right now!

my back hurts, i either need a chiropractor or a massage, how about both...

cedar point will be hot, especially since it'll be so cold. (by the way, hot i use frequently, not as a temperature indicator or a good-looking indicator either)

i've said it before and i'll say it again, i want to go on a date! i'm too chicken shit to make any first moves, i'm stupid like that. now i understand how guys feel... cuz they sort of are expected to make the first move, i bet they're always so freaking nervous! just thinking about telling a guy point blank that i'm interested in him... hahaha riiiiiiiight i could never do that, at least i can't imagine myself doing that... well not sober anyway. sounds like it's time for me to get drunk.

ahhhhhh statics midterm!!!!

study abroad - hell yes i'm excited. although now i can't decide where to go... london or dublin. london is longer (by 1 week) and slightly cheaper (by 500-1000 or so) but i've read the peer-evaluations about both of the programs and i read better things about dublin than i did about london. 1) london is more dirty than dublin 2) london is bigger than dublin [that's both a plus and a minus] 3) the irish are nicer than the british 4) the irish are less anti-american than the british. so that'll be a bitch trying to decide where to go, let alone how i'm gonna pay for it. sweeeeeeet looks like i'll be stuck in kinesiology forever. ahhhhhhh

i'm not so much a fan of halloween i've decided.

i've also decided to try a little matchmaking, not really, but i love the movie "the matchmaker" and i just wanted to say that. yeah, i'm a turd, tell me something i didn't already know. (and yes, i said 'turd')

hmmm that's about it. goodnight for now.

love, lindsay.

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