Monday, December 30, 2002

ok, DON'T do that.

Tuesday, December 24, 2002

i only have one friend who could get "celebrate, celebrate, dance to the muzak" stuck in my head. : P

Saturday, December 21, 2002

i think it would be hard to like me... i feel like a walking disappointment. you can't change without changing.

Wednesday, December 18, 2002

2.5 in ME222... merry christmas lindsay!

Monday, December 16, 2002

i'm beginning to realize how quickly this break is going to go. cuz it's already down to single digits til christmas. then only a week after that til new years, then only a couple of days after that until break is over! what the heck!! i like christmas.
and yes, sometimes i do get up and dance around a room. it does happen.
ok, so back in the day, i used to think of target as kind of a "cheap" place to shop... yeah, not so much anymore! i've spent in the likes of 200 bucks there in the last, oh, week, easy, and don't have all that much to show for it!! you know what i want!? a plasma t.v.
here's what i DON'T like hearing: bad things.
is there a commercial where a guy picks up a flamingo or some large bird of some sort? either that, or i had a dream about it recently? i dont' know either way, but i have a deja vu feeling about it.
i think i am going to find some of my old journals and stuff, and post some of the things i have wrote (not like "dear diary" type of things but like writings and such.) i don't know. maybe.
something about the reservoir being empty...

Friday, December 13, 2002

there are few things pure in this world anymore and home is one of the few
we never drink outside maybe run and hide if we saw a couple men in blue
well to me it's so damn easy to see that your people are the people at home
well i've been away but now i'm back today and there aint a place i'd rather go
i feel home
when i see the faces
that remember my own
i feel home
when i'm chillin outside
with the people i know
i feel home
and that's just what i feel
home to me is reality
and all i need is something real

Thursday, December 12, 2002

i'm such an asshole. i wonder why i have so few friends? remedy: drink.
ok that blog SUCKED.

bottom line: i hate seeing friendships kind of fade away. it's happen kind of more than i would like it to, and i'm to blame.
i think one of my biggest fear is that people don't know how i feel about them. hmmm. that doesn't sound right, but. like for people i really admire and respect to not know that... or think that i don't think that of them. like for example (not quite an example though) if someone said to me something to the affect of 'youre too cool for me' (and whether or not in jest, another story, another reason why i hate talking online cuz it's hard to gage sarcasm) and i throw it back at him 'no you are too cool for me' type of thing, i truly believe that. and let's just go out on a limb and say someone said that and truly meant it (why would they though) then i feel cheated out because shit, that is so not the case! why am i getting all hyped on this? i don't know. i think the fact that i'm moving for the semester (i have to keep reminding myself it's not permanent) really makes me think i really do only have a few friends that consider me friends back. meaning i consider more people my friends, while they might not share the same sentiment. not many, but i guess 1 is one too many. just cuz when it comes down to it, people need people. i really don't even know what i'm rambling about anymore. i was serious in my last post about being manic.

Wednesday, December 11, 2002

i feel so... manic right now.
i'm kinda just chillin' out max right now... but i had an uneasy feeling a few minutes ago. i don't know exactly what brought it on, but i kinda felt... out of it. like kind of alone. i have my sweet ass roommates to keep me grounded, bless them, and i will miss them so much! : \ and the one and only roxanne... who will shed a tear for me in the middle of target :_( karin i will see probably as often as i see her now, which isn't enought!!! oh now i'm all pouty.

but really, all of this is trite and meaningless when compared to the news that jeremy and steve lost their friend last night in a car accident. hell, if it can happen (losing someone, i mean) to someone who you care about, then it can happen to you. and while i didn't know julie, i am sad for jeremy. and it's like, there's nothing to say. i've been on the other side of that, and it all sounds like bullshit. but. i hope there is a shred of comfort in the next few weeks for both steve and jeremy.

"oh no, i've said too much... i haven't said enough. i thought that i heard you laughing, i thought that i heard you sing. i think i thought i saw you try."
"i was thinking to myself, 'this could be heaven or this could be hell' "
"do you remember when we used to say shalalalalalalalalalalatida" (<---- that's me!)
"i see you lookin' at me i can tell by your eyes that you're feelin' me"
"you don't always have to fuck her hard, in fact sometimes that's not right now, sometimes you gottsa make some loooove"
"well in a couple of years they have built a home sweet home"
"i know what it feels like to be alone... my life stopping to say hello, it's my life, why can't we take this slow?"
"i saw him dancing there by the record machine, knew he musta been about seventeen, the beat was going strong, playin' my favorite song... and i could tell it wouldn't be long til he was with me"
"this years' love had better last, heaven knows it high time"
"and i well i seen a thousand things in one place, but i stopped my counting when i saw your face... erasing memory, well i feel as though i never seen a face before till i saw your eyes, and they smiling back at me through my tears, i've been counting all these years, oh suddenly the thousand things i seen are nothing but the dreams of you and me."

enough quotage. have exam in less than 9 hours. should maybe study a bit, eh?
auf wiedersehen.

Saturday, December 7, 2002

so, luck be it, i am sick before finals for the 2nd or 3rd time in my college career. this is a pretty mild sick, though, compared to spring freshman year. oh man, i was in horrible shape, blowing my nose like every 5 seconds. every time i swallowed, my ears popped. my ears were teary for the entire 2 hours. it was disasterous. this time, i merely (!) have a headache, which is unusual to me because i rarely feel not-good. don't you hate it when you are congested only on one side?! what the heck is up with that!? generally, my face hurts. okay, why do i sound like a geriatric!? enough of this.

ok, is it considered a booty call if you've never actually slept with the person? i reserve the term usually for someone who "calls for more" but i guess it can sort of be used for a first time offender. not like it really matters anyway.

i think i'm going to order bells ( haha i just wrote "oder bells" instead first, and i remembered topo, my hebrew scriptures teacher from high school who called the old testament the "ode testament") cuz i won't have much chance for quality east lansing food for much longer! adios amigos.


Friday, December 6, 2002

i'm just a curb-side prophet with my hand in my pocket and i'm waiting for my rocket to come.

my ponytail is midget, like an inch long. :P i also have an itch on my stomach, i've scratched it like for five minutes just now and it is all red and splotchy now. grooooss. i am sooo copying rob right now, but at least i said so. here's the away messages up right now

napping... call the cell

Chillin with the Girls

OP time. and. I have a simpsons watch. from burger king!!!

Stanley Goodspeed: You've been around a lot of corpses. Is that normal?
John Mason: What, the feet thing?
Stanley Goodspeed: Yeah, the feet thing.
John Mason: Yeah, it happens.
Stanley Goodspeed: Yeah, well I'm having a hard time concentrating. Can you do something about it?
John Mason: Like what, kill him again?

I feel sorry for all of you who take forever to fall asleep. I can do it like a snap! I could even fall asleep right here on the keyb-- ghtufkndyghdhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....

At the library

Why is it they all want their ex-girlfriends?

Things that make you go hummmm????
Manute Bol has traded in his basketball sneakers and boxing trunks and now is in a shocking search for a pair of ice skates. The 7-foot-7 former NBA shot-blocker agreed to terms Tuesday to play with the Indianapolis Ice of the Central Hockey League. WTF!!!!

;-)try to find me!

PISS OFF!! >:o
sorry but i'm not in the greatest of moods!

Men, be more alert and cautious when getting a drink offer from a girl. There is a drug called beer, that is essentially in liquid form. The drug is now being used by female sexual predators at parties to convince their male victims to have sex with them.
The shocking statistic is that beer is available virtually anywhere! All girls have to do is buy a beer or two for almost any guy and simply ask the guy home for no-strings attached sex. Men are literally rendered helpless against such attacks.
Please! Forward this to everyone you know!!!


In the end love matters too "and in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make"

"Chillin in the parking lot, eatin some fries"

Ladies night in full effect!! ;-)

Disco Dance tomorrow night!!! Everyone come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gettin some zzzz's....O:-)
"They took all the trees and put them in a tree museum, charged the people a dollar and a half just to see them..." Good Luck Linds!! You own those trees... :-)

---------end quotes---------- well that was fun. not really. hmmm. why do i suck. i love my stolen toy story figurina. she's so me. i like how she sits atop my shelf, arms spread open with her little cowgirl outfit. mind you, i am not a cowgirl, nor do i perch on shelves with my arms out.. but still.

that's funny, i didn't knowi have james brown on my winamp list. sah-weet. i love over-tipping during the holidays. today i went to pf's for some take-out, and my total was 6 bucks, so i matched it and gave the bartender a 6 dollar tip. and when i got my hair cut i paid with a 20 and said keep the change. why should my mom and dad be the only people (oh and my brother's girlfriend, go figure!_) be the only people i give gifts? which kind of makes me feel guilty for overlooking the couple of people jingling cups on the streets of chi-town. : \

i gotsa get to my hw... seeing as how tomorrow is the last day of class, i think i'll put together my notebooks finally. i'm stupid.

Thursday, December 5, 2002

sometimes i'm good at snapping one-liners and having comebacks, so rarely do i meet someone i can't think of anything to say to. but that's how it was with j.mraz... i was like uhhhh. chode and a half. ahhhhhh. i'm a band-aid!

so my work assignment either starts jan. 2 or jan. 6... if it is the 2nd, i will die! that's less than a month, (then again the 6th is just a month away anyway) but still, i'd have to move on new years. no thank you. i'll pass go and keep my 200.

i want to go to san fran. if i go, i might not come back.

Sunday, December 1, 2002

happy december!

i went to chicago for the weekend, it was my first trip there. why was it my first trip there!? it was like the best city ever! i'm shocked i haven't made it there before this past weekend, and i can't wait to go there in june after we're all 21 :D thanksgiving was soooo nice, and i had the best time this weekend with my family. i am such a nerd with them, it's funny the things we talk about (will not do any divulging tonight). ate at pfchangs/chicago on saturday night, was sooo good. i met a boy in the navy on the train ride back to where we were staying, who said he thought i was 16, until i mentioned college, then assumed 18. he was 18 with a fiance, which was weird, and he was a deadringer for my cousin rob, who is just as hyperactive spastic as this kid was. at any rate, hearing him explain the whole navy life was crazy. the whole 16 year old thing was crazy, chicago was crazy beautiful. i looooovvvvveeeed it.