Sunday, October 7, 2001

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twenty-first blog

i spent a lovely day with my parents today. it's amazing how much more we talk and get along now that i don't live with them anymore. quite a different situation than me living at home. it's nice. and this weather rocks. i LOVE it. yes, i want to marry it. ok now this bombing thing is nuts. i can't believe i'm living through such a historic time. cuz it really is. people i know try to downplay this whole 9-11 thing but it really is serious stuff. i'm sure if it happened around here these people i'm talking about would be freaking out like no other, but it's so easy to disassociate with things that are far away and things with which we are so physically removed. but still, i feel this is very severe, and i trust our leaders to make the right decisions. any-way, have a good week all. study hard, it's the middle of the semester.

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