Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It's Raining Frogs

OK, there's a good chance I've written this post before (75%?) but I am both too lazy and not exactly deft at navigating my way around Blogger's website, so if it's a re-post, oh well.

There is a week in August every year, without fail, when the frogs come out. This, my friends, is the week. I went for a jog last night* and I must have seen a hundred frogs. Okay, I exaggerate, maybe I only saw 10. But still! I don't know if their little ponds are too hot, or they are being forced out of their habitat for the week by visiting relatives (frogs have families, too), or if they are just on a personal mission to see how many times I can have a near-heart-attack** in a 1-hour time-frame.
At one point of my jog, I went by a section of really shaded sidewalk, and being that it was nearly 10 PM, that section was pitch black. No houselights or streetlights to let me know if those warty green torturers were indeed on the ground, or if I was just stepping over fallen leaves and errant woodchips.

Needless to say, I'll be happy when the week is over.
Another reason I'll be happy when the week is over?

Vacation, bitches!!
We're shipping off the wee one*** to other family members (and hoo-boy, she's being passed around like a hot potato! At least 3 different families are helping to watch her) and Nick and I are flying to Vegas for a couple of days (I've never been!) and then driving down to Zion National Park. We're vacationing with my parents and siblings. I haven't been on a week-long vacation since my honeymoon nearly 3 years ago. This will be sooooooo(o*infinity) nice.
* I signed up for the 2011 Detroit Half Marathon. I did the same one last year, about 7 months postpartum, and it's that thought alone that keeps me going when I feel like my lungs are about to burst. I'm way out of shape and it's a rough road getting back in the swing of this jogging thing.
** When we were camping this past weekend, I woke up to my left arm tingly and numb, which casually made me wonder if I had a heart attack. Nick was like "or maybe you slept on it funny on this shitty air mattress?" and that made so much more sense.

*** Gratuitous Claire pictures (sorry to jack up the posting of these pics... Blogger is so hard to navigate!)

Snoozin' at DSW... not for long...

finding every mirror possible and lovin' herself something fierce

no really, but I'm cute, right?

tee hee hee, Mama


Monday, August 1, 2011

It's August Already?

In my relatively short time in the airport security line this afternoon, I saw three - THREE - pets in line. Really? Rilly? Two dogs and a cat. All separate people, too. Where are on Earth are people going with their pets on a Monday afternoon?
I wasn't travelling with a pet, but with a few co-workers to one of our plants in Maryland. Now, I like my co-workers, I really do. I am game to have dinner and a drink, but I got wind that there's a big group going out for dinner tomorrow night and is it rude that I kind of wish I could just go to my hotel room and hang out by myself?
I mean, I had all of these things planned to do while out of town for two nights. I brought my DSLR with me so I could teach myself how to use it before my trip to Utah, I brought gym clothes so I could hit up the treadmill, and I brought a book! A real, live book! One of those things that I never read because I'm too busy doing domestic shit. All of this glorrrrrrious time would be MINE MINE MINE to do with it what I please. That is, until you get invited to go out with a big group of work people, most of whom you don't actually know. Oh well. First world problems, I guess.
So now I'm catching up on HBO in the hotel room, watching that Leonardo DiCaprio movie about the dreams within the dreams, and while it's still all mumbo-jumbo to me, it makes a hell of a lot more sense watching it on TV instead of watching it in the drive-in movie theater, which is how we saw it last summer, with a young baby in the backseat asleep in her car seat, two cheap parents who didn't want to pay quadruple the ticket price for a babysitter so we could catch a flick. ;)
(Post title has nothing to do with anything, really, except to state the obvious. Summer flies by in the blink of an eye!)