Tuesday, March 30, 2004

www.sarahhatter.com March 30 entry

oh my, oh my... read this girl's post and it's me IN A NUTSHELL!!! HELP, I'M IN A NUTSHELL!
(minus the whole stranger-asking-me-out-on-a-street-corner part)

8-ball... in a non-hard-core-drug way

Roxanne saw an old friend at the bar this weekend... he told her they should get together and hang out if she came home the next weekend. Tonight, after a few margaritas instigated her mad over-analytical skills that all females share, we got to talking about whether or not she should go home this weekend vs. going to western to hang out with the girls.

I looked over and saw her magic eight ball sitting under her desk. Feeling a bit juvenile, I told her to consult her omniscient sphere. She picked it up, and said "Well I don't know how well this'll work, it's a beauty eight ball..." but gave it a try anyway.

The first question: "Should I go home this weekend and go out with Dave?" :::shake shake::: MAYBE YES, MAYBE NO. This wasn't a good enough answer for Roxanne, no it wasn't.

Next: "Should I go to Kalamazoo?" :::shake shake::: CANNOT ANSWER TONIGHT

"Alright, third time's the charm... Should I call Dave with the intent of going out with him this weekend?" :::shake shake::: YES YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL

Gotta love the eight ball, for the eight ball doesn't lie!

Monday, March 22, 2004

you know you're a good-for-nothing student when.....

you have a physics problem due, 4 parts T/F, and 20 tries.
Doing a little mental math, you figure out there are 16 different variations of T/F (TTTT, TTTF, TTFF etc)
So you start plugging in the 16 different possibilities

Sunday, March 21, 2004

sorry Rob, i had to...

"Alright Lindsay, well I'm gonna go now... Terry and I are going to look for lonely freshmen..."

:::pause::: followed by frantic talking in the background

"Freshman boys! Freshman boys! To pick us up! Not the other way around"

more frantic talking

"I mean... wait, that sounds even worse!!"

hahahahahahahahahahahahahah you crack me up :D
(disclaimer: they were looking for their sober, freshman friends to come pick up their drunk asses)

Saturday, March 20, 2004

St. Paddy's day was done in style... drinking more than my body could contain, dancing my heart out, spilling words, drinks, food, and numbers, forgetting parts of the night, and feeling it (extensively) the next morning (and into the night). :D

There was a bar fight (I was almost busting out with the Arsenio Hall move, but figured there was enough snapping-in-a-Z and that my move wasn't really necessary). There was the scant clothing. There was the green beer. All in all, I had an awesome night.

That said, I spent ALL of Thursday hungover, and part of Friday too. Having 4 major academic obligations (tests etc) upcoming, three of which are due on Monday, I'm paying for my mid-week revelry this weekend. I spent Friday studying and have been in the library for 4 hours or so now. I never knew people came to the library on a Saturday, it's actually not empty like I imagined!

There are only 6 more weeks left in the semester, which means summer will be here in a flash, which means fall will be here in a flash, which means I'M TWO FLASHES AWAY FROM THE HOME STRETCH, aka my last semester of college. This is Fucking Scary. This is Bad News. This is Time to Grow Up.

But I don't WANNA! I want to be able to get wasted on a Wednesday and be able to lay around the next day! I want to plan my Monday night bar-crawl based on where I think my favorite band will be pre-drinking before their concert and not worry about having to get up early the next morning! Who ever said growing up was fun?? I want my money back.

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Monday night I got wasted with my friend and roommate Roxanne. Actually we went to the brand-spanking-new The Post bar in East Lansing. Since we were two of the ten people there, the manager gave us free t-shirts, to advertise I assume.

Rox checked out the tag in the shirt, saw that it was a Small, and said "Well that's rather presumptious, don't you think?" It was a classic one-liner. Surely they don't want big-chested patrons in their new bar, but I have a feeling we'll be going back there anyway.

Upon returning back to 118 Beech, we bust out the video camera and proceeded to do a lip-sync of R.Kelly's new dance-party song "Hotel." It's rather funny because the song is playing on my laptop, thus shitty quality, and you can hear our breathy but silent mouths wording the song over the laptop's rendition. Haha, the next day, Kay told us she thought someone was hooking up last night. HAHAHAHA. Good one! (As it is MY room above hers...)

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

from cnn.com:

Laid-off worker claims $89 million
Monday, March 15, 2004 Posted: 8:30 PM EST (0130 GMT)

INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana (AP) -- A man who was laid off last week from his job at a tractor factory claimed a $89 million Powerball prize Monday with the sole winning ticket.

Tim Rivers said he and his wife, Pam, plan to buy a new house and move out of their mobile home in the town of Salem in southern Indiana.

The couple, who are both 24 and have two young children, opted for the cash option and will receive $49.9 million before taxes, a Hoosier Lottery spokeswoman said.

"Winning that much money terrified me," Tim Rivers said, adding that when he realized Saturday he had a winning ticket he immediately called a financial planner.

Pam Rivers, who works at a daycare center, said both she and her husband plan to return to school and she hopes to become a nurse.

They have a 6-month-old son, and a daughter, 4.

The winning numbers for Saturday night's drawing were: 11, 44, 45, 48, 50 and Powerball 2.

I LOVE that story. They win close to $50 million dollars, and decide to go back to school to earn a degree! I love Indiana!!!!

Sunday, March 14, 2004

It was a hung-over Saturday morning when I was sitting around with some friends discussing which Hollywood star I'd like to, um... fuck. The usual names were being tossed around, the Heath Ledgers, the Orlando Blooms, the Paul Walkers, the Johnny Depps. There was a lull in beautiful Hollywood hunk name calling-out, and everyone looked at me, who had been mute the whole time. The second I opened my mouth and blurted out the first name I could think of, I felt a bit silly.

Needless to say, I didn't live it down. He's not what you would call the hottest of hotties. Therefore, I would like to re-submit my answers (although one of these isn't so excusable either.)

In no particular order, I present you the "I'd like a night in the sack with" List:

John Cusack
Pharrell Williams
Ray Romano
Mark Ruffalo
Casey Affleck

I think it's safe to stop at 5... I don't want to get carried away here.

Anyone notice how I've capitalized all of the capital-letter-worthy words?? This is a first.

Friday, March 12, 2004

i don't really know why I've been thinking about friendship so much recently... i guess because it's one of the most revealing things about someone. Why do some last for decades, and why some are just contained to a specific period in your life, such as college. Why, if you have a really good friend at work, do you never hang out outside of that setting, and are you less of friends because of that? Who knows. All i know is that I've been thinking about it a lot recently. And more specifically, whether or not a failed friendship ever really was.

it wasn't until a couple of weeks ago when i saw an old friend on the street that i realized i hadn't seen him in a long time. i knew we weren't friends anymore, duh, but i hadn't realized it had been that long since we had last seen each other. Anyway, that encounter naturally got me to thinking about our supposed friendship. i questioned its validity because, despite my hatred towards the cliche, aren't true friends supposed to stay friends forever? Or something like that?

it made me wonder if maybe we hadn't really been friends? Maybe the whole thing was fake, the whole time we were both just flirting and hoping that one day one of us would make a move and something would come out of it? i mean, i knew him for three years as a friend and then one day, all of a sudden, we weren't anymore. No falling out. No hard feelings, really. Just like that. (well, almost just like that. But for blog's sake, just like that.) then, a whole year passes without any communication, and we're on a streetcorner making 30-second chit-chat.

after we parted, i had a 20 minute walk ahead of me, and i wondered if he had realized how long it had been, doing the math in his head like i had. Did he look at me and think "failed friendship" or just see the face of someone he once knew. I'm not quite sure. i questioned myself, were we ever friends? Did i have a skewed sense of reality back then? Because people don't just stop talking overnight, especially when nothing friend-breaking happened. i guess what troubled me most on that walk was the thought that maybe it wasn't real. i wasn't sure I'd ever know. At the end of my introspective journey (ha!) and as i was nearing my meeting and closing the chapter of my run-on inner dialog, i decided that maybe some things were better left un-examined.

now, however, i can think of other old friends who just weren't after a point. There was the good friend from high school who, after one summer, just didn't resume the same position in our circle of friends. That doesn't mean she wasn't our friend those couple of years, her image didn't just dissolve from all of my pictures. Then, there was my friends in middle school, my first true girlfriends. We were so close, accepting each other in our awkward adolescence, yet still went our separate ways in high school. It would be ludicrous to say that wasn't real just because i no longer identify with them. In thinking back over these old friends, i guess people do just stop being friends. It happens. So it goes.

like i said, i think a person's friendships can be really revealing, if not only for ones own self-involved theories. But, failed friendships and successful ones, i am grateful for it all. While my current friendships are perhaps my oldest friendships, i still think about these other people all the time. Even a few weeks ago, i may have thought these "failed friendships" never really existed, and that it was perhaps a lack of 'trueness' in it that caused them to fail.

now in my late-night revelation (yes, 2 am is "late night", and yes, this is really a revelation) i see that (gasp!) just because what was, isn't anymore, doesn't mean it never existed. And this is a good thing.