Monday, October 15, 2001

twenty three

hours of sleep over the last 4 days: approx. 16

estimated hours of sleep i will get tonight (today?): approx. 3.5

number of weirdo she-males i met this weekend: 1

number of 'stains' on jacks' roommates futon: too many to count, which is already too many too many if you ask me

number of cool people i met this weekend: 5 (?)

weird, uncomfortable situations: 0 (yay)

number of frosties consumed in one 12-hour period: 2

how many hours late we were on friday: 3 whoops sorry jack

how many things i learned this weekend: 5+ (double click reference, few different ways of playing poker, different ways of scamming the government, how to correctly pee without a toilet, how to ineffectively lie, not that that's anything to write home about)

hours between the time i left my room in my boxers and tshirt to brush my teeth and the time i came back: 2.75

times i have thought about 'someone': only about 4 or so

hours at the library: 2.5

length of my nap: 2.75

number of new guster songs downloaded: 5

how many times i started to study for my physics test but got 'caught up' in something else: 7 and counting

number of times i've checked my email: probably 5, testament to how much of a goon i am

number of actual emails received: zero

minutes spent standing under steaming hot water in the shower: 30

how much money i will deposit in about 4 hours: 141

money i owe: 1000 (rough estimate)

number of boys i have a crush on: 2 3/4 (one guy gets a whole point, then 3 get a half-point each but only 1/2 because they're unavailable in some way shape or form, then the last guy gets 1/4 just cuz he's cute, but it's totally out of the question)

chinese fortunes come true: zero

number of things i've taken that i shouldn't have: one (but it's a big one, it was a misunderstanding i tell ya!!! i swear!)

number of things that is preventing me from going to bed right now: 6 (physics test, light, music, blog, boy, lack of sleepiness)

number of items of clothes that i have found with peculiar and non-moth-like holes: about 6 now grrrrrrrrrr

days of class until thanksgiving break: 28 (fuck! i thought it was less than that)

days of class until christmas break: man this will be wishful thinking, let me count......38 w/o finals, 43 with (oooooh totally bitter about having a friday final........grrrrrrrrrrrr again)

number of dispatch songs i have downloaded: 50 exactly but i LOVE them!

time it now is: 5:45 am time for me to go. but i'll be back, don't you worry. later kiddo.

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