Friday, October 5, 2001

nineteenth post

good things come to those who wait? that's such bullshit, it's more like good things come to those who go after what they want. i'm such a dork to think that if i wait long enough, someone will come around. it just won't happen and i need to move on. oh my gosh i didn't even realize how pathetic that sounds, i'm really not that pathetic. even though it has been at the back of my mind, it needs to leave my mind altoghther.
anyway there are things i think about besides this. like, i wonder if back in the 70s if students at michigan state got around on rollerskates? hahahahahahaha. that would be funny. also, i wonder about things like do i really need the information i learn in class for when i get a job or will i just learn on the job? and i wonder what people are up to. like what's up with people calling in fake hijackings on airplanes? is that supposed to be funny or something? i don't get it. oh yeah and i wonder what the squirrels do in the winter? are bears the only animals that hibernate? that's such an elementary question i'm embarassed to be asking it but for real, i hope they don't freeze! oh i'm picturing the poor things right now with their tails all frozen oh poor things! i should take them in and ---no i shouldn't nevermind. they're not that cute.
oh and i still think about that boy too.

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