Friday, November 30, 2001

i love playing with office supplies while i'm at work. today i discovered a dispenser, which upon first inspection appeared to look quite similar to a white-out tape dispenser. you know what i'm talking about? the ones that were awkwardly designed when they first came out, but now come in sleek, small, neat dispensers? well, i found an ancient white-out one, and another that looked to be identical. quite the contrary. it produces a linear amount of post-it sticky-ness. this is no joke. firmly press the paper with this device and you find yourself with a neat line of gooey, yet clean, sticky-ness (for lack of a better term). that was the rad-est thing i've found here in a good while. finding cool stuff like that here is like finding a toy in a cheerios box. it was always the sugary cereals with the awesome toys, and let me tell you, kinesiology office is the cheerios of any campus office.
another fun thing i was playing with is the paper-cutter. oh man those things are dangerous. i remember melanie in first grade, i think she cut her finger off with one of those. we had ambulances and everything, which was a big deal in clarkston. i thought she was, like, dying. i so wished that i was in miss vera's class that day instead of mean old mrs. weglarski's, because then i would have been in on the action. probably wouldn't have been a good thing, though, seeing as how my first queasy passing-out type incident was first documented at age four, so most likely i would've puked or something to that effect. so every time i have used a paper-cutter after that fateful day in grade one, i always think back to the notion of my finger hanging on by a gooey, slimey thread because of a mere slip of the hand. to this day. yes, these are the thought that run through my mind at work. it's either that, or create a bulletin board for all of the kinesiology major, which sounds like major ugh to me. oh shit. i hope that doesn't mean that i'll suck at advertising, because i don't want to make a kinesiology bulletin board. sh- to the -it. i'm going, my boss is back.

Wednesday, November 28, 2001

it is starting ::::teeth chattering:::: to get cold.

p.s. try saying chattering 5 times really fast.

Sunday, November 25, 2001

i'm going to stop talking about 1.) my weight 2.) a certain someone. for 1.) the only exception will be to check up on kk's progress so we can size each other up with our t-18 to go standings. 2.) i say this all the time. whatever i'm going to make a conscious effort this time.

so i ran in the turkey trot on thanksgiving morning. had to wake up at the butt-crack of dawn. 7:15 to be more precise. so yeah i haven't been up that early in about 105 days. so yeah, it's 6 miles. yeah i didn't quite realize that when my mom said in passing a few months ago "want to run the turkey trot?" i assumed it'd be a 5k. maybe THAT'S why my mom, 25 years my elder, kicked my ass and ran it 13 minutes faster than me!! go jane is all i have to say. and my sister, it should be no surprise that she blew us all away with some un-godly time of like 40 something minutes. me, i'm the slowpoke of the family running it in 71 minutes. a few of the miles was along the parade route, and of course those weird, die-hard parade fans were already standing there with their thermos full of warmness and ladders at their side. i never stopped once on the run cuz i didn't want them to see me stop and think i was a loser. so i finished and that's all that really matters. next thanksgiving melisa's doing it with me and we're going to run it sub-55.

all around me, people are with that special someone. just makes me wanna go..."awwwwww". there i said it. awwwwww.

i hate to be like "a friend of a friend of a friend ...blah blah" but, yeah, a friend of a friend of a friend (sheeesh) got married over the weekend, and my friend went to the wedding. this girl was 21. as in, 18 months older than me. can we say....... rrrrrrrrright? there's no conceivable way i'd be married in 18 months. not that i'm saying everyone gets married that young, but it's just funny how there's such VAST ends of such spectrums. kind of sucks to be one of the ends. it's like being at the bottom of the bell curve in school. everyone's gotta lie somewhere, but everyone wishes they were closer to the middle. well, i guess not everyone, but it sure does say something about conformity. well, not really. it might, but i don't know what. cuz i'm cool like that.

sooooo i might be changing my major? i don't know about this one. what i don't know is what i would be switching it to. the thing is, my first year, i finished all of my gen. ed.'s, PLUS started on my engineering pre.req's. math anyway. so this year and like 10 credits of last year would be wasted on engineering, which i don't even know if i want to do. soooooooo. yeah. sucks. i have to make this decision, like, yesterday. if you know what i mean.

Thursday, November 22, 2001

oh, fun news, Jude and i are together officially
did the honesty thing work?
well, since i'm new to this relationship thingie
its suprisingly easy
no wonder stupid people precreate like it ain't no thang

yay! i'm so happy for you! aw and it's the perfect season for romance too! good luck babe

Monday, November 19, 2001

wednesday please hurry.

Sunday, November 18, 2001

i always have fun at western. they are a cool people. all of em.
backs' feeling moderately better. may be psychosomatic, but i don't care either way.
some people are so weird. and by weird, i mean gross, disgusting, rude, obnoxious, revolting, horrid, wretched, dirty, skanky, and rank. seriously, if it was "be stuck in a room with jack's roommates' boyfriend orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr do just about anything else" i'd choose anything else.
i like have a single room. my roommate, i never know where she is. i don't really mind it, it just gives me more space to myself.
i may have a lodging situation for next year.
i love waking up.
in the words of the chick from road trip "aren't there any normal guys out there?!"
"i tried so hard and got so far, but in the end it doesn't really matter" linkin park
i keep on saying i think i am over a boy. i am. i swear. i'm like 99% over.
mmmm hi ho. mmmm god i'm stoned.
hehehe no i didn't smoke this weekend but was all about the kramit, and almost pissed my pants when i met a boy who also did kramit. wait, no, he did kermit, but whatever.
i have survived my second and third chiropractor appointments w/o fainting. go me. i actually dreamed about going to the chiropractor last night. whatever that means. probably nothing. my dreams are so lame.
"parachute over me"
i can't wait for study abroad! i think i'm going to buy my brother's camera off of him, so i'll be able to take some *superexcellentsweet* pictures. and i'm trying to see if my mom wants to come with me like a week or so before and do some traveling. how absolutely fun would that be.
oooh the paladium has opened in downtown birmingham. yet another thing to do when i go home. yessssss.
the practice is finally new this week. thank god. i miss that show like i miss drinking ovaltine and wearing barrettes while watching mister rodgers.

Thursday, November 15, 2001

who passes out at the chiropractor?!?! oh wait..... i do. i'm such a freak, it's official now. ANYway.
3 weeks until the semster is over. that's just nuts. in one respect i feel like i just got here. but then i feel like i have been here forever. nevertheless, i feel like time is FLYING by. i don't even do anything though! i mean, i'm busy as hell, but busy in terms of school and work and schoolwork and SHIT like that. it's so weird. like my time is being used up by resources that aren't benefitting me at all. kinda a bummer, but i'm so busy i don't have time to really give it a second thought. i think i'll just look back at this semester and say "what the hell did i even do?!" cuz i'm always busy, but at the end of the day, i don't have much to account for. i feel like this entire semester has been an out-of-body experience or something. like i'm not really here, not really doing whatever it is i'm doing. ah sounds so... like i'm trying to complain or something, but i'm not. just talking. not feeling sorry for myself. just thinking. some interesting things have happened recently, nothing i'm about to tell my blog, as i love you so much, some things i shall keep secret. love, lindsay.

Sunday, November 11, 2001

forty two

i am.... fed up. sick of school. anticipating thanksgiving. sick of seeing people (myself included) being treated as or referred to as a sex object. full. loving this day-time weather. wishing i would've studied this semester. pretty organized right now. smelling like oranges. uncertain. almost over a crush. feeling neglected. looking forward to the lifehouse concert. in need of some hard cash. sore from my run yesterday. sitting in a position so that my right leg is asleep. surprised. listening to a hot new boy. supposed to be doing physics homework. a red-head. waiting for a package to arrive. waiting for a visitor. not tired. almost half done with college. going to dublin this summer. wishing i had a car. wanting to talk to my family. wearing glasses. writing a blog. going to the chiropractor tomorrow. failing a class for the first time. inhaling deeply. going to church tonight. thankful. wanting more. torn. wanting to go to western next weekend. done with this blog.

Saturday, November 10, 2001

forty one

well. later.

Wednesday, November 7, 2001


so i'm walking down bogue street, minding my not-so-merry old self, and this guy is standing across the street near cedar village and waters edge. he's got this ghetto video camera, but it's not super ghetto, it's new enough that it has one of those flippy screens. so we're walking at the pace so that we intersect on bogue street at the same time. duh if we intersect it would be at the same time, retard. anyway, so he was looking at me the whole time as he was crossing bogue and when we met, he goes "lindsay, come with me. i'm working on something you'd like to be a part of." so i'm like 'ooooooookay right' but i walked with him down by the red cedar river anyway. i had no idea who this guy is. sooooo we're walking and i'm like "who are you?" and he wouldn't tell me his name or anything. it was quite frustrating you can imagine. we kept on walking, past kresge, past farm lane, and then we got near the administration building, across from wells, where the river turns into that rough little spot. and he plops down. i took that as 'join me on the ground' and plopped down beside him. he flipped the switch on and started taping the river. he goes "i know you like the sound of water, and i've been taping the river and falling asleep at night to it, so i thought you might like to chill with me while i tape more of it." i was like "sure" and we sat there for an hour, pretty much in silence, occasionally talking about life and what not, and it was okay like that. no we didn't, i made that story up.

so hard to do and so easy to say, sometimes you just have to walk away" ben harper

Monday, November 5, 2001

dear blog
i was upset over my recent grades and attitude earlier today, but i'm all better now. "in the long run" i won't care what my gpa was or if i passed a class. just keep repeating that mantra, i'm good to go. 2 1/2 weeks til thanksgiving. hellllllllo long weekend. then 2 weekends til finals. ugh. crap i had to go ruin a nice blog by saying the F-word. "in the long run...." there that's better. on another note, i'm trying to be less of a nerd. it will take work, but i think it's a good investment for the future. i may not know a lot about economics and the state of the nation and such, but i know that things would be an eensy weensy bit better if i were better. the whole "you make me want to be a better man" spiel a la jack nicholson. but i'm not a man, and i'm not an actor either, but i did see the movie and i did like that quote. my point? i don't think i have one, and i'm entitled not to. dammit. so... happy frappy. it's 11:15 and it feels so late. i remember when i thought past 10 was past my bedtime.... like in high school. i swear, my parents made such a big deal about "bedtime" that it stuck with me that long. like freshman year, i wouldn't go to bed at 10, but once it hit 10, i was like 'whoa, it's late' and such. mental note: don't share retarded things with your blog, especially things it doesn't care about. a-n-y-w-a-y. i recounted my dog getting loose and getting hit by a car incident and got a good laugh at it. oh, and yesterday, i was sitting in my room, minding my own business, when a FOUR FOOT DOG came in my room and was sniffing in my roommates garbage. you think i'm lying!!!! i'm not!!! it was a mastiff(?) and it was a GIANT. no, not german sheppard, no, not lab. think BEAR. think HORSE. think HUGE. it was so funny. i was too stunned to be scared, but then like 3 seconds later its owner, a girl down the hall who must live nearby?, came and 'fetched' it out of my room. bizarre. or is it bizzare. hmmm. i don't know. anyway. right. dublin is exactly 8 months away. neato. i can't believe i'm going international. who-hoo. i wish it was for longer though. sad. i'm trying to convince jane to come with me for a week or so before so we can travel around. come on, who would pass that up? (clueless style) as if! i'm such a goon. goonight. haha i just wrote that by accident. goodnight.

thirtyseventh post

ok so when i say i'm failing a class, i really am. my cumulative grade in genetics is a 56. i'm pretty sure that's a failing grade. i'm such a fucking moron, i don't deserve to go here and waste my parents money, let alone the fact that because i go here, someone else doesn't. i should protest my being here. yeah that's what i'll do. oh, and i dropped my honors option in physics. i'm such a slacker, it's not funny. it's really not. bye.

Sunday, November 4, 2001

removed post... i was trying to 'keep it real' but i don't think it was real
so hard to do and so easy to say, sometimes you have to walk away

Thursday, November 1, 2001


why is this year so stressful? i feel like i never have down time, or if i do, say like now, for the hour in between classes, i can't truly relax because i have fifty million things to do, but i still won't do them. i refuse to be a slave to those things all of the time. so i'll waste away this hour, fully knowing that it's going to cause me to stay up an extra hour tonight, but i'm stubborn like that and will not work 24/7. and thursday nights are usually when i can just chill, but i skipped my cse lab this morning, i have a genetics test tomorrow, and i'm going home tomorrow and need to finish everything by tonight. oh yeah and there's a hockey game, which cuts my night by 3 hours as well. swell. i just want to chill with someone cool, but i'm stupid. thanks for letting me blow off like 1 milliliter of steam. ; ) i'm so silly, i need a life.