Thursday, May 30, 2002

customer of the day:

i ask her if she wants me to wrap up her french baguette (a long thin loaf of bread) in a thin paper bag made specifically for the baguette.
she says okay, then watches me put the bag on the bread. she calls out "yeah, i DID want a condom for my bread, thanks!" after i died laughing, i was reborn in time to hear her say "better safe than sorry!"
maybe it was a 'had-to-be-there' moment, but nonetheless, made my last 2 hours of work all the more bearable!
annnnnnnnd i'm done.

Wednesday, May 29, 2002

i'm so bummed im going to be missing the johnmayer/guster concert this summer. that is like THE PERFECT concert that could exist this summer. all i want is to hear demons and your body is a wonderland live in one night. would be spectacular. oh well.
soooo, dear blog is going to be famous. wait, i think i already wrote that. but i'll say it again. if you search hard, you may be able to find out why. not really though.
every time i see roadkill, i my shoulders literally have a physical reaction. i cannot help but shudder and make a weird throaty noise. it's as normal to me as flinching to something unexpected. which i guess i'm not really doing anymore, so maybe that was a bad analogy. hmm.
i'm sooo looking forward to this summer, but i'm also looking forward to this fall. i think its going to be a lot of fun living sort of on my own, and having a car at my disposal for roadtrips to western to visit kare and jack.
hmmm. what else! i'm so _______ right now i don't know what to write. but rob says "isn't that the point of blogs? "dear blog.... i'm uninspired and i don't know why.... " " so i guess that holds true.
recently i am into making lists. oh my gosh, i am so boring right now. i did not just write that.
how do you get a tissue to dance?
put a little boogey in it.
uhhhhhhhhhhh, let's see. oh, i got invited to a VERY interesting party. but you'll only find out if you ask me about it.
my new years' resolution hasn't come through yet. i am a lazy, lazy ass. i don't keep promises that i make to myself, and that is bad.
if i weren't going to dublin, i could have my credit card paid off. isn't that impressive? i'm so proud of myself! yeeeehaw.
i know it sounds a little... unusual, but i want to go to alaska for spring break. i know, i know. it's probably a phase. but i don't want to go get drunk for hours on end and fry my body and try to not get taken advantage of on some run down florida beach. i don't really know what's in alaska, but oh hell, i want to go. anyway.
i'm bored with this blog and am going to end it now.

Sunday, May 26, 2002


Friday, May 24, 2002


20010910 eight: is there a difference between attraction (physical and or sexual, if there's a difference) and wanting someone?
ummmmm yeah. there definately is. this is me answering my past self's question. duh, why did i even ask that?
20010915i was pissed but i'm not anymore. not worth it.
20011001i am a wimp. i am strong.
20011025i think i stepped in something yucky today, on my way to work. something from a tree, whatever it is, it's on my shoe and smells gross. things could be worse.

hmmm i don't know, that's pretty sick... what else could be worse than that?......
20011118i keep on saying i think i am over a boy. i am. i swear. i'm like 99% over.
or, you know, like give or take 98 %... meaning 1% over him. j/k not that extreme. i just think that i will have an eternal thing for this one guy, who i really talk to more in some imaginary world than i do in via computer or (gasp) in real life.
20011208do you ever just want to walk into a room yelling "fuck y'all, all y'all, if y'all don't like me: blow me" ? just wondering.

hahahahahahah i love when i'm in moods like these!
20020111 i love any/all forms of non-reciprocity...

yes, the non-reciprocity still plagues me. i love it though, like i said before. and when i say love, i mean hate.
20020305melisa and i are going to run a marathon.
um yeah, except i don't think that's humanely possible. i think if i tried to run from my house to across the street, i'd keel over and have an attack. yeah, it's called "out of shape". blah.
20020426one day i'm going to quit writing long, personal blogs, only to highlight them and press delete. i will, i swear.
yup, definately didn't keep that promise. there are so many things i write and then erase, it's not even funny. i think i write them to erase them specifically.

that's really it. that was less fun than i thought it would be. but going over old blogs is fun for a few minutes. it's kind of weird that i have some sort of journal thing on the internet, where people read it. cuz sometimes i talk like i would just normally write in a journal. weird. cool but weird. anyway, my eyes hurt, and i just washed my sheets, damn. guess i'm sleeping on the couch? ttfn (<---------- remember lilly kare? hehe)

Thursday, May 23, 2002


Tuesday, May 21, 2002

so i work in a food market. in the bakery. annnnnd i'm the only person in the bakery, so i take care of all of the customers, never get a break, etc. so i'm slicing bread for someone, and an old man comes up and is just standing there politely. even though he wasn't being rude and demanding my service immediately, i called out to him "hi i'll be with you in just a second." and then - this 70-something man! - replied "i'd wait forever for you". i almost pissed my pants, didn't even try to hide a silent laugh and a big grin. oy veh, that job is a trip. not really, but i like to make the things i do sound more important than they really are. [insert IM smiley face sticking out tongue]

oh get this:

do the kirby <('.'<) <( '.' )> (>'.')>

do you see it?!

Tuesday, May 14, 2002

things i want to say right now:
don't work around food if your intentions are to lose weight.
don't talk to me if all you're going to talk about is yourself.
don't let the stupid, little things get to you.
don't take everything for granted.
ok, that sounds like a lot of don't...
do work out if your intentions are to lose weight.
do call me so we can have a two-way conversation.
do let the important things get to you, and do overlook the silly things.
do cherish how blessed you are.

hope all are having a wonderful summer, if summer is what they are on. for all of you non-home-for-the-summerers, hope all is well too~

Monday, May 6, 2002

i have the intention of writing a blog right now.

Saturday, May 4, 2002

check post jan 11 2002. that again.
but, i have a new song that makes me get all dreamy and hopeful. i love those songs.
for some odd reason, east lansing just DIDN'T want to let go of me. it held me hostage for about 6 hours, but that's okay, after i assured him i was coming back, he finally loosened his grip and i was free to go.
it feels so good to be home. i love changes of scenery. and being home makes me realize even more what i want out of life. it points me in the right direction, and affirms my sense of self. this is good!
oh, the feeling to be getting 4.0's.... ahh it feels good. hey, just allow me a few seconds to brag, okay?
gotta go do some more unpacking. i bid you adieu.

Friday, May 3, 2002

i must admit i am sad to be leaving snyder phillips. but be assured, snyphi, this is not the last you will see of me!
what a fun year.
to all of my friends, i love you!