Friday, June 27, 2008


  • This post was sitting in my "draft" box since May 7. So, today, 6/27 is not Freud's birthday, but when I wrote this, it was. Consider yourself informed.
  • It's Freud's birthday today... hmm... all of a sudden I'm really craving a hotdog.  No, scratch that, a bratwurst. ;)
  • I have no problem admitting to everyone that I qualify for the $600 tax refund check thing. Got mine today. It's scary how quickly I can spend $600.
  • We were doing some yard work late yesterday afternoon, and then left the house for a couple of hours.  When we came back and went into the basement, we realized the slider door had been left open.  Our slider doesn't have a screen, so basically there was a wide-open gaping hole to our house for a few hours. When we went to bed, Nick locked the bedroom door "in case there were hobos bumbling around the house."  Hehe.
  • There's a girl from Dexter who was on America's Next Top Model.  She made it to the Top 10 maybe?  Top Five?  Anyway, her schtick was that she was the manager of a Dairy Queen, and that she just wanted to get out of her small-town Michigan abode, and make it big in the modeling biz.  Since moving to Dexter, I have seen her at the Dairy Queen (behind the glass, serving customers) as well as catering a lunch at my work.  Yeah, that Tyra Banks show really worked out for ya.




Nick and I are going on weekend # 5 out of 6 where we have something major planned for the weekend that involves going out of town.  While I can't really complain, I will complain just a little.  Don't get me wrong - the fact that we have things going on each weekend for a long stretch of time means good things are going on right now - friends, family getting married, family moving out of town on to bigger and better pastures, weekend adventures or mini-vacations - really, absolutely no room for complaints.  Other than: messy bathrooms, un-vacuumed floors, dirty mirrors, mildewy sinks, and unkempt gardens.  But I suppose, when lying on your death-bed, you don't think about those things; instead you think about the time you stayed up til 3:00 a.m. having a blast with your sister-in-law and her fun girlfriends at her bachelorette party, or the time you walked around Washington D.C. in 100-degree heat, but having a blast with your mom and sister, or (forthcoming) backpacking along beautiful Lake Michigan trails with good friends.  Ah yes, can't complain.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Doesn't Get Old

Call me childish, but it still doesn't get old to her our MRO Buyer call and place orders on the phone, with her deliberative and teacher-like voice spelling out our company's name, giving the person on the other line the address of "125 Blueball Road"...

Thursday, June 12, 2008


This was too long for a twitter, so here goes:
Yet another reason why I Love Wikipedia.  You learn fun tidbits you may not have learned otherwise.  Granted, not everything is 100% true... but I digress.
Reading up on possible First Lady Michelle Obama:
"She met Barack Obama when they were the only two African Americans at their law firm and she was assigned to mentor him while he was a summer associate."
Isn't that neat?



Today is Anne Frank's birthday.  Happy Birthday A.F.  Now, I don't know this because I'm a pretentious person who knows all of these famous figures lives like the back of my hand, no, I'm just the pretentious person who receives daily email from The Writer's Almanac (haha, because I'm such a writer) and this daily email has tid-bits of trivia at the end of each message.


Anyway, now that that's cleared up.


So, something to mull over – is was this day, on Anne's 13th birthday in 1942, that she received the infamous diary, which she called "Kitty".  As you all know, the diary has become a staple in everyone's reading repertoire, but I found it interesting that her diary is the # 2 most selling (ever!) non-fiction book in the history of non-fiction books, behind the Bible.  Wow, impressive. 


Now, I'm also not this pretentious person who knows quotes off the top of her head – again, this quote came from my daily email, but I liked it so I'm posting it here.  Crazy to think it came from a 13 year old, I don't think we give kids enough credit these days.  But then again, if you put a 13 year old from 2008 in an attic for two years, she'd complain more about not having internet access so she can facebook her friends, or download new music for her iPod.


Sorry for the tangent, here is the quote: (am I just further propogating the notion that 13 year olds suck these days, by using that stereotype? Eh.)


Anne Frank wrote, "Everyone has inside of him a piece of good news. The good news is that you don't know how great you can be! How much you can love!"

Catch you later.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Itchy Eyes

Blogger blogger blogger
Can't you see
Sometimes you really
Irritate me
(sung to the tune of "Biggie Biggie Biggie Can't You See") (um, by, B.I.G.?) (See previous post re: bad music taste)
I used to be Da Bomb at the internet.  I could HTML up my own website and all.  This was before the second wave of internetism.  Before blogs were a dime a dozen, or a dime a hundred.  Now, I can't even post from email or figure out how to get my flickr/twitter on the site.  Woes.
Anyway, I forgot that blogging can sometimes be fun, I mos. def. love reading them, and sometimes it's fun to write them as well.  As such, here I am watching a 3rd overtime in the Stanley Cup finals game, half-blogging, half-watching tv.  I'm from Detroit, I'm, like, obliged to watch this.  Kind of like how I'm obliged to state my loyalty to either MSU or UM, or drive a Ford, or talk about the shitty unemployment rates.  Woes.
Anyway, I'm not sure why, but at the ripe old age of 26 I've learned I have raging allergies.  Self-diagnosed, of course, but still.  There have been many of the sneezing incidents at work, with various fun snacks (apples, baked doritos (wow, so healthy!), egg salad sandwich - how graceful) and lots of the red-eye, "I swear I'm not a pothead" looks on a fresh Monday morning, and lots of itchy nose ("I swear I'm not a cokehead!").
Another thing?  So I love Madonna, and I got a total kick out of this handwritten note on display at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame that she wrote as a college freshman at U of M.  Almost any girl who grew up in the 80s has a place in her heart for Madonna, but seriously... how on earth does she look like that at 50?   I can't put my finger on it, but she reminds me of the kind of slutty girls I hate when I go out... I don't like that!  It's MADONNA.  Maybe I'm just a granny.
I have no witty or full-circle way to end this post... so here it shall end.  I just farted.


So, I am NOWHERE NEAR a music aficionado, I don't know what the hip kids are listening to these days, let alone if I'm totally square for saying "hip".  Anyway, while perusing my my iTunes (if you must know, I was pre-ordering my Coldplay CD... yup, I'm a square un-hip twenty-something who orders CDs based on interest garnered from an iTunes commercial) I found the following songs in my folder of music titled "90s music":
  • Lonestar - Amazing
  • Will Smith - Will2K
  • Enrique Iglesias - Be With You
  • Lit - My Own Worst Enemy (Dirty) [Ed. Note:  scandalous! the dirty edition!  maybe I wasn't as un-hip in my teenage years...]
  • Savage Garden - I Knew I Loved You
  • and... last, but not least...
  • Creed - My Own Prison (Acoustic)
For my penance, I shall say three Hail Marys while sitting in the corner with a dunce cap on.  I do realize my mistakes and I apologize to anyone reading this, as you're invariably going to start singing one of these monstrosities to yourself as your poor eyeballs read the titles, without your precious auditory organs even hearing them.  I apologize twice over.
Any good music suggestions?  It's been over a year since I've invested any time into music (finding fun new stuff) and I've really only come to know The Kooks and Interpol as of late.  If I give you my address, will you show up on my front lawn with a boom box, a la Lloyd Dobbler, and blast your fav new CD?
Air kisses and such,