Friday, September 28, 2001

thirteenth post

the week is almost to an end, amen. i'm going to the first hockey game, who-hoo!, going home to play with my puppy, and coming back for church on sunday. just what the doctor ordered. just kidding, i don't like doctors... um just what i need. anyway, i've said it before and i'll say it again: applications for dating me are available for pick-up in room 224. i'm half-kidding on that one though. see, i'm not desperate (i've actually been asked out in say the last month) but i'd like applications (theoretically) so i can screen them beforehand. i get all of these weirdos looking at me, what's up with that? granted, if everyone looked the same, yadda yadda, but all of the creeps give me odd smiles like i should know what's up. i desperately try to show them i do not indeed know what's up or i try to look uninterested, but how vain is that? why am i even judging people based on their looks? not just looks as in how your face is put together, but by total appearance. actually, it makes a lot of sense to judge a person by their appearance. things attract to things that they are like. this is a simple concept, and we are the things. that's why attractive people are friends, and unattractive people are friends too. and yes, there is such a thing as attractive people... don't give me that crap about "beauty in the eye of the beholder" cuz that only applies to certain situations. there are some people that are just attractive. it's a social certainty (thank you psy235, prof. messe). anyway, my point is that creepy guys check me out. does this mean that i'm a creep? i don't know if that theory i just sort of but not really explained holds for this. i feel like such a bitch for saying that but hey i'm keeping it real. i'm being honest. ANYway, good things come to those who wait. yeeeeeeah did you know that 19 years and ----hey guess what my 1/2 birthday is on saturday!!----6 months is roughly 10 million minutes? that's a lot of waiting, although i guess you can't count say the first 15 years? at any rate, i think i've waited long enough and i just want a boy who will treat me right. not really that much to ask for. it's not i swear. oh, and i just want to skip the whole dating, getting-to-know-you part and jump right into things. whoa-that sounded kinda slutty. i just meant that i hate all of those steps, yet another thing i learned in social psych. stages of a relationship, just for those of you who don't know:
Stage 1: Sampling and Estimation (meeting them, etc.)

Stage 2: Exploration (getting to know you)

Stage 3: Regularization (behaviors somewhat 'scripted')

Stage 4: Termination (many/most relationships come to an end).
Yeah, stage 1 sucks, 2's not bad, 3's not really that bad either, and then 4, well that's inevitable. the only way that doesn't happen is if you get married, or one of you dies. sooooooo i sorta want to just jump the gun and go straight to stage 2.5--that seems like the place to be. or not to be, it seems from my experience. oh, yeah another thing. why do my friends come to me with their relationship problems? don't get me wrong, i love it that my friends value my opinions and what not but what kind of authority am i? i don't have the best track record in that respect, so i think it's kinda funny people always come to me. anyway i don't mind it so whatever. ok i better go before this genetics test truly kicks me in the ass and i won't be able to sit at my computer anymore and write blogs. if you read this website, email me, i want to know if anyone reads it. if no one does i'll stop putting it up and start writing in a journal or something. oh yeah and don't think you're getting journal-material here. riiiiiiiight i'm not that stupid.

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