Monday, September 10, 2001

second post

ok now that i got it working...

one: my internet has been being a bitch and i am about to pull an Office Space on it and go postal in the hallway with a baseball bat. and the people at 26200 never tell me the right thing grrr.

two: i'm excited for the lifehouse concert, it should be a good time. let's hope we get there early for good "seats" and what not

three: where better to be when there's a tornado warning (sirens and all) than church?
cuatro: i love the number four...
five: the number of days i have left to finish capa, i.e. the devil

six: did you know that the u.s. government, in the 1920s and 30s, used to sterilize people to limit their reproduction because they thought those people were genetically inferior? americans we're talking about. this is the concept that the nazi's used, the only difference being the nazi's killed instead of sterilizing. in america, if the "genetically inferior" weren't sterilized, they were institutionalized. aren't you proud to be an american? just kidding, there are faaaaaar worse places to be...

seven: what is statics?

eight: is there a difference between attraction (physical and or sexual, if there's a difference) and wanting someone? i've had this conversation time and time again with someone, and we have different opinions on this one. i say that you can be attracted to someone, but not like them, like them. whatever i've already lost my train of thought.

nine: only one more til ten

ten: ok i'm lazy and i cheated. what is new? i also set out to do homework only to discover two hours later that i've wasted my time tooling around doing shit.

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