Wednesday, September 19, 2001

seventh post

today i skipped class

ok, so i'm not that much of a badass, i wish i could be though. today, i slept in, and damn did it feel good. it was a much deserved rest, and i'm sure i didnt' miss out on too much information in genetics. plus that gives me an excuse to talk to that hot skater boy who's in my class. anyway..... it's really cool when i forget to do part of my first statics exam. i get out of that class, and this girl goes to me "it took me so long to do 2b!" to which i replied, "um what part b?" haha it was classic. but at least i just plain old forgot instead of not knowing. cuz i know that it wasn't my fault (well it was but you know what i mean) for getting a low score. i mean, i could've done higher if i had read the instructions instead of i could've done higher if i were smarter kind of thing.anyway, who gives a flying fuck about my academics? not i, and i'm sure not you. this week is going by pretty fast. it's already the end of the middle. who.hoo. i want to get a piece of mail. i like mail. i had a dream last night, well actually this morning right before i woke up. i know this will sound lame, but ... nevermind. i have decided to withhold the details of this specific dream for now. maybe you will get the details later. ok i'm leaving for now, be back shortly.

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