Monday, September 17, 2001

sixth post

it's my dad's birthday, he is 47. happy birthday dad.

i am in a lull right now. nothing is really going on. kinda bored with things. it'll pass, it always does. it's already mid-september, and that is just nuts. speaking of nuts, i almost got attacked by a squirrel yesterday. i heard a rustling in the tree, look over and what do i see? two black beady eyes intent on jumping me. i almost peed my pants laughing and being scared by a stupid squirrel. it was so funny though. then roxanne and i were walking talking about the perfect man (and i mean that in a literal way--we were talking about specific people here) and i guess it is one of those things where you "had to be there" but roxanne had a revelation on her long-unknown soul mate. that was some quality things i heard. hahaha wouldn't you like to know who we're talking about? riiiiiight like anyone even knows i have this website thing. anyway... what else? um nothing. like i said, lull. anyway, enough of talking about myself, i'm going.

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