Sunday, September 23, 2001

tenth post

september twenty third two thousand one. this is going to be my stream of consciousness list. well not really a list but whatever. i make too many lists as it is. not that that's a bad thing but i never really refer to them, only make them to make myself feel like i have a lot to do, but i end up putting really retarded things on there like brush my teeth or something like that. no not really. but whatever. i wonder if the season finale of the practice is on tonight. can't miss it. that guy from last season the serial killer there's a guy who works in snyder who looks like him it's kinda creepy especially when he smiles at me cuz i see the serial killer smiling at me. so much for trying to see the best in people, i just see serial killers in them. that's just bad. anyway. hmm. nothing is going thru my brain right now. i wonder what that means. hmm. hungry howies boy just showed up. hel-lo. eh not so cute once melissa opened the door. whatever. highlight of my day? let me check... a knock. anyway. i'm going now to watch the practice. love, your faithful friend.

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