Thursday, September 20, 2001

eight post

1. i feel like i've been at school for so long, and it hasn't even been a month?? that's psycho. almost as psycho as say the squirrels that try to attack me or the difference between the amount i am supposed to study and the time i actually study...
2. i love it when people tell me things that i already know i can do... ok that doesn't make much sense so i'll use a rather elementary example: suppose jane (hi mom) is running up to a swingset, and there are two empty swings on either side of dick. one has bird poop on it, the other one pristine clean. it takes jane point two seconds to decide on the clean swing, and right as she is about to walk up to it, dick says to jane "you should sit on the clean one." ok now how dumb is dick? duh of course jane knows she can sit on the clean one, as she is damn well about to do. what's annoying is that dick assumes jane is too stupid to use her discretion, or that dick wants to hear himself talk, or that dick is, well, a dick. who knows. either way, it's annoying, and it insults my intelligence.
3. i dreamt i went by my house in germany, it was really weird. i think the reason why is because the other day, i saw this guy, and i was like "who does he look like???" and it was bugging me so badly. later on the name "york" appeared to me, and i realized that he looked like this guy who went to my school in germany. [side note: i was in sixth grade, and he was in 12th, and i remember thinking he was like ancient, and now i look back on it and i laugh, cuz he was only, like, 18....change in perspective makes me laugh.] anyway i started thinking about all of my friends from that year and my house and my city and what not. then in my dream, which was otherwise totally unrelated to germany, i'm walking down this street and all of a sudden, i'm on seeblickstrasse and there is 65. it was so bizarre. sounds kinda lame now that i've written it, but it still amazes me what our minds can do to us, and how memories can take us to this really weird place that is totally undescribable to another.
4. my back kinda hurts. i don't want to go a chiaropractor though cuz i'm chicken shit.
5. i love the fall!!!

that's it for my list
p.s. on winamp, vitamin c's graduation song came up... ah memories.

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