Monday, February 3, 2003

the top of the white hutch held by the white desk holds knickknacks and trinkets. on the left, back in the dusty corner shadowed by a dutch doll and a red mexican maraca, stands a purple wax hand. it's slightly bigger than my own; the fingers are chunky and bulky, and the creases in the knuckles are visible. the index and pinky fingers are erected, the forefinger faintly skewed. it's premature arthritis, i guess. the thumb is slightly cocked, but in a relaxed position, just sitting there. the middle and ring fingers are bent at the middle knuckle, yet not so much as to be touching the palm of the hand. with all fingers in place, the hand forms the sign language phrase "i love you." from my queen-sized bed, when i'm sitting in the perfect position, i can see its waxy surface and slight shine from the muted, dull overhead lights and wonder whom the cryptic message is from.

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