Monday, February 17, 2003

i have been steadfast in reading my friends blogs (all of you who stalk your stalkers would probably realize this...) but haven't even been keeping up my own! i feel like last week was crazy, but in hindsight, i cant' really remember what about it made me feel so overwhelmed. i remember wednesday... i was out of my apartment from like 7 am til 10 pm. wednesdays i tutor a 5th grader (this is during work though) named delquan. we're supposed to do math and whatnot, but delquan isn't such a fan of the numbers, for he is a poet. really, he's such a sweet kid, a romantic at such a young age. he wrote me a poem (well, i find out, more like dedicated to me...) that started out something like "love is like a dove" and went on, so made my heart stop for a second before i realized it was a 10 year old reading to me. : P anyway, the poem went on and was saying how this man, he saw this young girl, "so fair" and essentially dumped the girl he was with for this beauty. then, she got all lazy and stuff, and the last line was "and then his wife turned into a slob." i was like "delquan!?!? thaaaaaanks" and he just laughed and said it wasn't about me, but just for me. oh, it's the thought that counts, right? always. then, (ugh) i was conned into going to the mall to interview people about what they thought an engineer was, and stupid questions like that, for this engineer's week dinner we're having at GE this week. sooo not fun. the last thing i want to do is go up to complete strangers and ask them boring questions about engineers, considering i don't even like engineering. then, i had my film class, which was the highlight of my mid-week. i found out 3 of the 12 people in the class are spartans, which for whatever reason made me feel all warm inside (joke) but really, it excited me for some weird (non-sexual) reason. i loooooove being back in the darkroom. it feels so good to be somewhat creative, although i don't know if i could do it for a living or anything. i think i have a creative cap, something like 12 minutes or so. whatever, it gives me something to look forward to, thank goodness. thursday we had a co-op bbq. it wasn't too bad, i mean, for a co-op bbq. since i am on the "social committee" (what a joke) i had to run around going grocery shopping with the other "committee memebers" and tally up people and all that other not-fun stuff. blah. friday, i had a valentine! he was a little late getting up here, and i fell asleep on the couch while watching harry and sally, then i woke up and like thought it was the next day and that i had missed valentines day. hahaha. like it is an event or something. we went out for dinner, and the restaurant had these random fan things circling around the ceiling. okay, that doesn't do justice to the weirdness of whatever was going on up there, but anyway. it was nice to have a valentine for once. especially a valentine who would drive for almost 3 hours to see me! saturday... lazy day. i watched movies and ate pizza and fell asleep at like 10:30. looking back on it, i should have gone out... oh well, over it. i bought "my big fat greek wedding", which i plan on watching every day for the next 2 weeks. just kidding. but i do think it is an especially cute movie. i wish i had an aunt voula. so, joe millionairre (i never know how to spell millionairre!!) finale tonight! who-hoo! last week i was so freaking mad they left us hanging like that. there was even an article on about how people are boycotting watching the last episode and stuff, but i'm like "give me my joe millionairre!!" ahhh, to lead a boring life, there's nothing like it. i do have tons of other stories to tell, but you'd die if i went through all of them, they paint too sad a picture of my too sad a life. (i.e. my joy of finding a new grocery store, orrrrrrrr how funny it strikes me when i wake up and there are people on my buddly list who still haven't gone to bed, orrrrrrrr how getting personal mail makes me jump up and down -- see these all make me seem like some kind of 2-legged freak. oh wait, i am a 2-legged freak! ahhhh). alright. this officially concludes my blog for today, i think i've said too much. i haven't said enough.

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