Tuesday, February 18, 2003

ohhhhhh myyyyyyy gosh, i am sooooooo weirded out right now!!! read this: this was me being totally random and taking a chance at IMing someone i never DREAMED would remember me:

linds1982smith: this is a totally random IM, but i am looking thru the Munich Intl School website where they have little paragraphs about people... and i thought it was so funny to see you, cuz i can distinctl remember you from when i went there in 6th grade, you were on my hour-long bus ride home ( i think you were a year older). i thought that was just way too random to pass up IMing you
Desty Nova79: uhmm and who might u be dear?
linds1982smith: my name is my screen name
linds1982smith: i only went there for a year, and i only knew you from the bus
Desty Nova79: did u have a brother?
linds1982smith: yeah
linds1982smith: Eric Smith
Desty Nova79: i think i remember you
Desty Nova79: blonde girl right?
linds1982smith: redhead actually
Desty Nova79: readhead.....
Desty Nova79: did u live outside of herrsching?
linds1982smith: you were maybe 7th or 8th grade
linds1982smith: yeah
Desty Nova79: now i remember
Desty Nova79: you had that ring with the hands holding the heart
linds1982smith: i didn't expect you to remember me, i just thought it was funny to see someone i recognized
linds1982smith: okay, i'm spooked right now, cuz i have that ring on!!!
Desty Nova79: u actually explained to be wich way it points
Desty Nova79: hahaha
Desty Nova79: sure i remember you
linds1982smith: whoaaaaa thats weird as hell
Desty Nova79: hahah

ok, isn't that weeeeeird. first of all, no one ever remembers me!!! i am not even kidding... and this random guy named jerome (cher-rrrrrome... oh shit, didn't even do it justice. the way he said it was pure beauty) who was on my hour-long bus ride from our wee village into the city where our school was... he not only rememberd me, but rememberd my ring (i didn't even know i had it in 6th grade) AND i am wearing the same freaking ring at this exact moment. the stars must be aligned today, this is trippin me out. i think i need a joint. : P j/k maybe a beer. haha later folks.

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