Wednesday, February 19, 2003

ok, over the past 3 days, i have spent a grand total of 32 hours at work, that's almost 11 hours a day. i soooooo want to put one of those aol faces, with the foot in the mouth. not that i have my foot in my mouth, or ever did have my foot in my mouth, but i think it adequately displays my mood and attitude right now. kind of dazed and confused. ahhhhh, time for film class! actually, if i think about it, this has been the best day i've had in fort wayne yet. i taught a 7th grade class this morning (about finance and shit, another story completely), tutored delquan and darious (my favorite 5th grade twins), and now i have my b&w class which i just love. shit, i sound so positive. what the? anyway, i must jet.

p.s. wait, it is tied for favorite fort wayne day, tied with the day i set a personal guinness record. ooooooh for what, you are probably wondering?

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