Sunday, February 23, 2003

i think i only have a few minutes before blogger shuts down for maintance, so i will try and think of what i want to say, instead of saying a bunch of shit that just peeks around the bushes and barely shows its face. 1) as much as i value this internship i am doing (first and foremost, paying off credit card debt, but also learning valuable work blah blah blllaaaaaahhhhhh), i think i'm missing out. i know it doesnt make sense, cuz i'm not SKIPPING semesters or anything. i mean, i have 2 semester until i graduate, so ultimately i'm delaying graduation by doing this, but i still feel like i'm missing out. i never really felt like i had a life, [i'm being sarcastic here, but we all know sarcasm is ultimately truth ; ) ] but here, i feel like i especially dont have a life. i dont know, i have friends here, but we're not friends. iiiiiii dont know. i am enjoying my time here, to an extent, dont get me wrong, but i just feel like i'm missing out. ahhhhhh, yet i still feel like i'm withholding. onward.
2) so my mom calls me with this weird story about how our phone service got shut off, and to call her on her cell phone if i needed to get ahold of my family. she called to investigate, and they told her "well, it seems your husband called to get your service shut off while you are on vacation." odd, cuz my parents ARE on vacation right now, but my dad never in his 48 years has done that. who DOES do that anyway? so ultimately, my mom was like, uhhhhh listen, turn our phone back on. well, then a few days later, actually the DAY they left for vacation, my mom opens the mail, and there is a copy of a credit card they already have. but with lionel smith's name on it. okaaaaaaay, this is strange. call up the credit card company. "ohhh, about that, lionel asked to be put on your account mr. smith" yeah, except we dont know any lionel's, except the richie kind that sings all night long but that's besides the point. "let me just open your account and take a look... okay it looks like he charged four thousand dollars and this store on this day blah blah"... okay can you imagine how fuming don is, especially since he would NEVER name his child lionel. (they're figuring 'lionel' pretended to be my dad's son or brother or something). so my dad asks "ok???? how did this happen, dont you like, i dont know, ask for identification?? orrrrrrrr perhaps require the cardholder to be present or something?!?!?!" i dont know how it happened, but it turns out it was "lionel" who called and pretended to be my dad to shut off our phone, in case the credit card company called our house asking for verification. isnt that fuuuuuucked up??!! ugh it pisssses me off like no other. especially because the phone company is supposed to ask for social security verification (i guess lionel could have my dad's SSN, which means even more trouble...) but more than likely they didn't. so these lame people arent doing their job and shit like this happens. arg.
3.) ok, how come i didn't know eminem was coming to detroit this summer until AFTER tickets are sold out! boooo
4) four is a good number to end on... ii'm just grasping for something to say. hmmmm. i enlarged this really cool picture this week in the dark room, it has a really old feel to it. it was fun, we were only supposed to make contact sheets, but i had taken a photo class before, so i knew how to use the enlarger and stuff, and this mom-lady i'm friends with reeeeally wanted to enlarge this picture, so i like whispered to her "hey, i know how to use this... you wanna make one?" like we were doing something we weren't supposed to. her eyes got all big and she was like "you know how to use it?!" so we started enlarging. well everyone came over and was like oooooooo what are you doooooing and jan and i (how cute is that, can you picture this kind of ... motherly looking 40-something named jan?!) kind of showed them how to use the enlarger and by the end of the night, like 10 out of the 12 of us had printed. poor old bill, our instructor, was like kind of sad that we had jumped ahead, and was like "what are we gonna do next week?" i felt sooooo bad, cuz he's just so excited about teaching us and stuff, and here i go, egging people on to jump ahead. okay, what started off as a positive 4) (printing something cool) ended up making me feel kind of guilty :::insert red-faced AIM smiley::: but oh well. it was still cool. ok thats it. good night folks, i bid you adieu.

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