Thursday, November 7, 2002

so i'm standing in roxanne's kitchen, just minding my own business. (ok, i was really rummaging thru her kitchen for left-over halloween candy, but that's just between you and me)... so all of a sudden i hear a muffled cry for help. "lindsay?" at first, i was like "yeah, what's up" not even thinking about the words i was saying. i finally realized that 1) she had no candy and 2) that i had to go see what she needed help with because i had just answered her like a dummy. i take a step out of the kitchen, which proved to be just enough to see the bathroom door cracked open, and funny i should say crack, cuz roxanne was sitting her butt on the toilet, with her hand sticking out the door. "can i have some toilet paper?" okay, seriously, if candid camera was set up, i think i would have won top prize (of course, which i would have shared with roxanne... cuz really, who opens the bathroom door to ask for toilet paper?!) cuz the face i made was one of my classic faces. and that's all i have to say about that. oh, and amen to keeping extra toilet paper inside the bathroom, instead of in the front hall. hint, hint.

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