Sunday, November 3, 2002

i worked 40 hours last week. i am still exhausted. also had the biggest test of my life, which turned out to be less-than-fun. my sister ran in the State cross-country meet in 19:15, for 3.2 miles. that is a 6 minute mile for the whole entire time, isn't that amazing? i told someone that, and he was like "oh i could run that" and i was like "oh no you could not" because really guys just like to brag and say they can do things, they are all talk like that. halloween, sadly, i spent studying and working, but i had fun vicariously through kare and rox and rob. went to c.p. for the last weekend they were open last weekend, super duper fun. millennium force has to be the best roller coaster around, although the raptor does give you a head rush like whoa, and the new twistie one is also muy bien. that's really all i have to say for now, as i rack my brain for anything interesting i have to share right now, and i come up with nothing.

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