Thursday, November 21, 2002

the clock is ticking down on this semester. i really didn't/don't have any grand goals or anything - i thought i'd study and go to class and stuff, but alas - so i'm really not disappointed or anything. if anything, slightly reaffirmed about going to fort wayne. either way i look at it, i have 2 semesters til i graduate. either finish early, get a job early, that bullshit, or finish in 4 years, graduate with 1 year working experience, and make myself more "marketable." it's sick to think that i may be doing this co-op for that very reason. because that's not what i want to think about on my deathbed, when i am trying to recap my life in the last 30 seconds i have to breath. "was i marketable?" so i really don't know what i'm doing this for really. i know there's some hidden, subconscious reason why i'm going... and i guess i just can't wait to get there and try to figure it out.

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