Saturday, November 9, 2002

i just had the best conversation with kare and jame. it was just classic. kind of a "me too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" type of thing. hahaha, i love true laugh-out-loud moments. theyre' just great.
my favorite quote of the week, hands down: so i'm walking, talking with someone about how out of shape i am, a guy i have a mini on, mind you, and i said something to the effect of, 'if i do anything physical, i'd die.' to which he goes "so you're saying, you'd be out of breath if you had sex right now?" i hope it sounds as funny on blogger as it did in person, i just about died. but then again, i am a dork.
ok, i am so grooving to this band right now. i love being a band-aid (winamp-style).
not that i am an out-of-control substance abuser, but i have to take a drug test for fort wayne. i will pass (cross fingers) but still, i've never taken a drug test, and i feel kind of violated. i don't know why. i mean, i really don't even enjoy debating topics like that, but whatever. i'm over it actually.
ok, i am working a double shift tomorrow, at p.f. changs... on a SATURDAY. what the fuck was i thinking? first of all, on tuesday evening, (who goes out to eat on a tuesday evening really?) we were on an hour long wait. i can't WAIT to see how saturday night's wait is going to be. i know, i just KNOW, that i am going to leave that place with a back-ache, not because i have strenous physical work to do, but because that's a sign that i am stressed out. all of the muscles in my back just tense up, and you could walk on my back without me saying a word, cuz my back is all stiff and the muscles are tensed. anyway, why did i just share that with you all?
ok, howie day... free show at borders? hella cool. so excited. words. don't describe.
ok i had this dream i was pregnant, (hmmm maybe a sign to start working out) and then i took a home pregnancy test, just to be sure (even though i was like mid-pregnancy) and it turned out negative and i was just devastated. wtf is this supposed to mean? someone tell me!
then, i had another dream where ... okay i just forgot it. nevermind.
all i have to end with, is i wish i were 21. i'm not alcoholic by ANY means, actually i haven't been drunk in like almost 2 months, but i just wish i could go to the bar, have a few beers. it's no fun having a few beers in your apartment, especially when you are the only one home. : )

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