Thursday, November 1, 2001


why is this year so stressful? i feel like i never have down time, or if i do, say like now, for the hour in between classes, i can't truly relax because i have fifty million things to do, but i still won't do them. i refuse to be a slave to those things all of the time. so i'll waste away this hour, fully knowing that it's going to cause me to stay up an extra hour tonight, but i'm stubborn like that and will not work 24/7. and thursday nights are usually when i can just chill, but i skipped my cse lab this morning, i have a genetics test tomorrow, and i'm going home tomorrow and need to finish everything by tonight. oh yeah and there's a hockey game, which cuts my night by 3 hours as well. swell. i just want to chill with someone cool, but i'm stupid. thanks for letting me blow off like 1 milliliter of steam. ; ) i'm so silly, i need a life.

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