Sunday, November 25, 2001

i'm going to stop talking about 1.) my weight 2.) a certain someone. for 1.) the only exception will be to check up on kk's progress so we can size each other up with our t-18 to go standings. 2.) i say this all the time. whatever i'm going to make a conscious effort this time.

so i ran in the turkey trot on thanksgiving morning. had to wake up at the butt-crack of dawn. 7:15 to be more precise. so yeah i haven't been up that early in about 105 days. so yeah, it's 6 miles. yeah i didn't quite realize that when my mom said in passing a few months ago "want to run the turkey trot?" i assumed it'd be a 5k. maybe THAT'S why my mom, 25 years my elder, kicked my ass and ran it 13 minutes faster than me!! go jane is all i have to say. and my sister, it should be no surprise that she blew us all away with some un-godly time of like 40 something minutes. me, i'm the slowpoke of the family running it in 71 minutes. a few of the miles was along the parade route, and of course those weird, die-hard parade fans were already standing there with their thermos full of warmness and ladders at their side. i never stopped once on the run cuz i didn't want them to see me stop and think i was a loser. so i finished and that's all that really matters. next thanksgiving melisa's doing it with me and we're going to run it sub-55.

all around me, people are with that special someone. just makes me wanna go..."awwwwww". there i said it. awwwwww.

i hate to be like "a friend of a friend of a friend ...blah blah" but, yeah, a friend of a friend of a friend (sheeesh) got married over the weekend, and my friend went to the wedding. this girl was 21. as in, 18 months older than me. can we say....... rrrrrrrrright? there's no conceivable way i'd be married in 18 months. not that i'm saying everyone gets married that young, but it's just funny how there's such VAST ends of such spectrums. kind of sucks to be one of the ends. it's like being at the bottom of the bell curve in school. everyone's gotta lie somewhere, but everyone wishes they were closer to the middle. well, i guess not everyone, but it sure does say something about conformity. well, not really. it might, but i don't know what. cuz i'm cool like that.

sooooo i might be changing my major? i don't know about this one. what i don't know is what i would be switching it to. the thing is, my first year, i finished all of my gen. ed.'s, PLUS started on my engineering pre.req's. math anyway. so this year and like 10 credits of last year would be wasted on engineering, which i don't even know if i want to do. soooooooo. yeah. sucks. i have to make this decision, like, yesterday. if you know what i mean.

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