Monday, November 5, 2001

dear blog
i was upset over my recent grades and attitude earlier today, but i'm all better now. "in the long run" i won't care what my gpa was or if i passed a class. just keep repeating that mantra, i'm good to go. 2 1/2 weeks til thanksgiving. hellllllllo long weekend. then 2 weekends til finals. ugh. crap i had to go ruin a nice blog by saying the F-word. "in the long run...." there that's better. on another note, i'm trying to be less of a nerd. it will take work, but i think it's a good investment for the future. i may not know a lot about economics and the state of the nation and such, but i know that things would be an eensy weensy bit better if i were better. the whole "you make me want to be a better man" spiel a la jack nicholson. but i'm not a man, and i'm not an actor either, but i did see the movie and i did like that quote. my point? i don't think i have one, and i'm entitled not to. dammit. so... happy frappy. it's 11:15 and it feels so late. i remember when i thought past 10 was past my bedtime.... like in high school. i swear, my parents made such a big deal about "bedtime" that it stuck with me that long. like freshman year, i wouldn't go to bed at 10, but once it hit 10, i was like 'whoa, it's late' and such. mental note: don't share retarded things with your blog, especially things it doesn't care about. a-n-y-w-a-y. i recounted my dog getting loose and getting hit by a car incident and got a good laugh at it. oh, and yesterday, i was sitting in my room, minding my own business, when a FOUR FOOT DOG came in my room and was sniffing in my roommates garbage. you think i'm lying!!!! i'm not!!! it was a mastiff(?) and it was a GIANT. no, not german sheppard, no, not lab. think BEAR. think HORSE. think HUGE. it was so funny. i was too stunned to be scared, but then like 3 seconds later its owner, a girl down the hall who must live nearby?, came and 'fetched' it out of my room. bizarre. or is it bizzare. hmmm. i don't know. anyway. right. dublin is exactly 8 months away. neato. i can't believe i'm going international. who-hoo. i wish it was for longer though. sad. i'm trying to convince jane to come with me for a week or so before so we can travel around. come on, who would pass that up? (clueless style) as if! i'm such a goon. goonight. haha i just wrote that by accident. goodnight.

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