Wednesday, November 7, 2001


so i'm walking down bogue street, minding my not-so-merry old self, and this guy is standing across the street near cedar village and waters edge. he's got this ghetto video camera, but it's not super ghetto, it's new enough that it has one of those flippy screens. so we're walking at the pace so that we intersect on bogue street at the same time. duh if we intersect it would be at the same time, retard. anyway, so he was looking at me the whole time as he was crossing bogue and when we met, he goes "lindsay, come with me. i'm working on something you'd like to be a part of." so i'm like 'ooooooookay right' but i walked with him down by the red cedar river anyway. i had no idea who this guy is. sooooo we're walking and i'm like "who are you?" and he wouldn't tell me his name or anything. it was quite frustrating you can imagine. we kept on walking, past kresge, past farm lane, and then we got near the administration building, across from wells, where the river turns into that rough little spot. and he plops down. i took that as 'join me on the ground' and plopped down beside him. he flipped the switch on and started taping the river. he goes "i know you like the sound of water, and i've been taping the river and falling asleep at night to it, so i thought you might like to chill with me while i tape more of it." i was like "sure" and we sat there for an hour, pretty much in silence, occasionally talking about life and what not, and it was okay like that. no we didn't, i made that story up.

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