Friday, November 30, 2001

i love playing with office supplies while i'm at work. today i discovered a dispenser, which upon first inspection appeared to look quite similar to a white-out tape dispenser. you know what i'm talking about? the ones that were awkwardly designed when they first came out, but now come in sleek, small, neat dispensers? well, i found an ancient white-out one, and another that looked to be identical. quite the contrary. it produces a linear amount of post-it sticky-ness. this is no joke. firmly press the paper with this device and you find yourself with a neat line of gooey, yet clean, sticky-ness (for lack of a better term). that was the rad-est thing i've found here in a good while. finding cool stuff like that here is like finding a toy in a cheerios box. it was always the sugary cereals with the awesome toys, and let me tell you, kinesiology office is the cheerios of any campus office.
another fun thing i was playing with is the paper-cutter. oh man those things are dangerous. i remember melanie in first grade, i think she cut her finger off with one of those. we had ambulances and everything, which was a big deal in clarkston. i thought she was, like, dying. i so wished that i was in miss vera's class that day instead of mean old mrs. weglarski's, because then i would have been in on the action. probably wouldn't have been a good thing, though, seeing as how my first queasy passing-out type incident was first documented at age four, so most likely i would've puked or something to that effect. so every time i have used a paper-cutter after that fateful day in grade one, i always think back to the notion of my finger hanging on by a gooey, slimey thread because of a mere slip of the hand. to this day. yes, these are the thought that run through my mind at work. it's either that, or create a bulletin board for all of the kinesiology major, which sounds like major ugh to me. oh shit. i hope that doesn't mean that i'll suck at advertising, because i don't want to make a kinesiology bulletin board. sh- to the -it. i'm going, my boss is back.

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