Sunday, November 11, 2001

forty two

i am.... fed up. sick of school. anticipating thanksgiving. sick of seeing people (myself included) being treated as or referred to as a sex object. full. loving this day-time weather. wishing i would've studied this semester. pretty organized right now. smelling like oranges. uncertain. almost over a crush. feeling neglected. looking forward to the lifehouse concert. in need of some hard cash. sore from my run yesterday. sitting in a position so that my right leg is asleep. surprised. listening to a hot new boy. supposed to be doing physics homework. a red-head. waiting for a package to arrive. waiting for a visitor. not tired. almost half done with college. going to dublin this summer. wishing i had a car. wanting to talk to my family. wearing glasses. writing a blog. going to the chiropractor tomorrow. failing a class for the first time. inhaling deeply. going to church tonight. thankful. wanting more. torn. wanting to go to western next weekend. done with this blog.

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