Saturday, December 7, 2002

so, luck be it, i am sick before finals for the 2nd or 3rd time in my college career. this is a pretty mild sick, though, compared to spring freshman year. oh man, i was in horrible shape, blowing my nose like every 5 seconds. every time i swallowed, my ears popped. my ears were teary for the entire 2 hours. it was disasterous. this time, i merely (!) have a headache, which is unusual to me because i rarely feel not-good. don't you hate it when you are congested only on one side?! what the heck is up with that!? generally, my face hurts. okay, why do i sound like a geriatric!? enough of this.

ok, is it considered a booty call if you've never actually slept with the person? i reserve the term usually for someone who "calls for more" but i guess it can sort of be used for a first time offender. not like it really matters anyway.

i think i'm going to order bells ( haha i just wrote "oder bells" instead first, and i remembered topo, my hebrew scriptures teacher from high school who called the old testament the "ode testament") cuz i won't have much chance for quality east lansing food for much longer! adios amigos.


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