Monday, December 16, 2002

i'm beginning to realize how quickly this break is going to go. cuz it's already down to single digits til christmas. then only a week after that til new years, then only a couple of days after that until break is over! what the heck!! i like christmas.
and yes, sometimes i do get up and dance around a room. it does happen.
ok, so back in the day, i used to think of target as kind of a "cheap" place to shop... yeah, not so much anymore! i've spent in the likes of 200 bucks there in the last, oh, week, easy, and don't have all that much to show for it!! you know what i want!? a plasma t.v.
here's what i DON'T like hearing: bad things.
is there a commercial where a guy picks up a flamingo or some large bird of some sort? either that, or i had a dream about it recently? i dont' know either way, but i have a deja vu feeling about it.
i think i am going to find some of my old journals and stuff, and post some of the things i have wrote (not like "dear diary" type of things but like writings and such.) i don't know. maybe.
something about the reservoir being empty...

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