Sunday, December 1, 2002

happy december!

i went to chicago for the weekend, it was my first trip there. why was it my first trip there!? it was like the best city ever! i'm shocked i haven't made it there before this past weekend, and i can't wait to go there in june after we're all 21 :D thanksgiving was soooo nice, and i had the best time this weekend with my family. i am such a nerd with them, it's funny the things we talk about (will not do any divulging tonight). ate at pfchangs/chicago on saturday night, was sooo good. i met a boy in the navy on the train ride back to where we were staying, who said he thought i was 16, until i mentioned college, then assumed 18. he was 18 with a fiance, which was weird, and he was a deadringer for my cousin rob, who is just as hyperactive spastic as this kid was. at any rate, hearing him explain the whole navy life was crazy. the whole 16 year old thing was crazy, chicago was crazy beautiful. i looooovvvvveeeed it.

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