Thursday, December 12, 2002

i think one of my biggest fear is that people don't know how i feel about them. hmmm. that doesn't sound right, but. like for people i really admire and respect to not know that... or think that i don't think that of them. like for example (not quite an example though) if someone said to me something to the affect of 'youre too cool for me' (and whether or not in jest, another story, another reason why i hate talking online cuz it's hard to gage sarcasm) and i throw it back at him 'no you are too cool for me' type of thing, i truly believe that. and let's just go out on a limb and say someone said that and truly meant it (why would they though) then i feel cheated out because shit, that is so not the case! why am i getting all hyped on this? i don't know. i think the fact that i'm moving for the semester (i have to keep reminding myself it's not permanent) really makes me think i really do only have a few friends that consider me friends back. meaning i consider more people my friends, while they might not share the same sentiment. not many, but i guess 1 is one too many. just cuz when it comes down to it, people need people. i really don't even know what i'm rambling about anymore. i was serious in my last post about being manic.

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