Monday, April 1, 2002

oh dream-maker, you heart-breaker, where ever you're going, i'm going your way" moon river

you're okay, but you're jealous, but you're okay" smooth criminal

i will build a wall... saw it coming from a mile away. i'm not scared - try, wear your insides out. i don't even try." rainy day

sometimes i'm to scared to even try" happy frappy

eyes back and fast asleep, if you could see what i could see..." barrel of a gun

stand back you're dancing kinda close" too close

you want to hate me now, but i won't stop now" little things

darling, i can see you're dreaming, i don't want to wake you up when i close the door" this old house

well i've gone to shorten my road with a fist full of matches but nothing to strike" bullet holes

ego-maniac in the brain-iac, don't know how to act" rock superstar

i said how about an hour ago" conquering fools

i try to forget you, i try to stay away, i'm never over you. there's something about you." back to you

suddenly the memories came back to me in my mind." again

looking for some action, i can't rest til i find satisfaction" rhyme for the summertime

i listen to the wind of my soul, where i'll end up, well i think only god really knows" the wind

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