Sunday, April 7, 2002

here's the picture: friday night, karin has come up here to chill for the night, i fall asleep in my bed, karin's chillin on the futon, we're waiting for boys to call us, never did, decide we are hungry, and decide that ordering food this very second is essential.

first: we call jimmy johns. #4 and #5. make it pronto
next: we call papa johns. large pizza, pepperoni and pineapple, please.
then: bridget walks in, "i'm ordering chinese, want any?" now hot and sour soup and eggrolls are on their way.

45 minutes later: ugggggghhhhhhhhhhh. we cannot move. we are stuffed silly. our clothes do not fit anymore. it was just great.

fast forward to midnight, when we decide to head on over to brox's house: me, sitting in the passenger seat, jaw drops at the sight of jamal standing in line to get into a bar. i just about died, silently though, i was good. so we're chillin at brox's, and tara shepard walks in. random. that was a fun night, just chillin with people i know. i much rather would do that than go to some party where i don't know anyone except the people i came with. i feel home when i see the faces that remember my own.-oar

the scene: kalamazoo, michigan. hanging out with jack and jen, our gracious hosts. got a george foreman style grill thing from jack - most usefull present ever. i'm debating if i want to use it quite yet, but i think i'm going to wait until the fall so it'll be brand spanking new. wrapped in wwf wrapping paper and everything. neat-o. love jack. so we head over to her friend robbie's party. except funny thing: we knock on the door. people answer. look at us like "hello? can i help you" and we were like "hi the party has arrived." i guess robbie wasn't there, and his friends didn't know who we were, so we were like "uhhhh can we come in anyway?" real cool. good times. well robbie was out buying a tap for the keg. comes back 10 minutes later with a new tap. new tap is broken. swell. once it was all straightened out, it was all good. found out i have yet another blog reader!!! i think that brings the tally up to 4 or 5 now. yeeee-haw. oh, another random thing: we see this guy that we met at matt/brox/rob/james' christmas party! so random. i swear, out of all the people i meet, i see most of them again. i mean, non-friends people i know. you know?

sunday morning, or is it afternoon? did we change the clock?
rox and i head out to find bagels, we are all pretty much still sitting with alcolhol in our system (you'd think mine would have come out with the 2 times i barfed, but what do you know, i'm still alcoholy), we set out for food.
an hour later, what should have been a 10 minute trip, prolonged by us getting lost, us stopping twice for directions, us stopping so i can half-barf in a kindgergarten parking lot, we stuff ourselves silly with like 5 bagels apiece. then make fun of how everyone got a piece. hahahahaha.

good times had by all

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