Sunday, March 31, 2002

mmm p.f.'s... thanks so much girls, i love you!
and the party definately DID end once we left... "tim" and his friends proved that one.
so my mom and brother are flying down to florida for 3 days on a whim. why couldn't i be part of this whim?! for real.
i am quite delusional, though. there is so much shit going on that i am aware of, but not comprehending. such as 18 year old girls strapping on explosives and then going into the busy part of town to blow up herself and hopefully some others? what IS that? that is a whole other universe apart from mine, one i read about from the comfort of my high-speed internet computer in my suburban american household. don't get me wrong, i'm not complaining about being so lucky (cuz really that's all it is) but it just doesn't *click that shit like that really happens. duh, i say this about everything though. trite, i know.
i was reading over some stuff that i keep at home (cuz i'm at home right now) and i came to a poetry book and yeah, what i was thinking i was going to write, i'm not going to write anymore. not going to delete either. so nevermind.
so i think i'm going to graduate december 2003. this is scary. but the most sensible thing, all things (credits/classes) considered. so i think i'll just tool around east lansing for that extra semester working and what not? who the hell knows. it's a big WE'LL SEE. or, rather, I'LL SEE. cuz there sure as hell is no "we" when it comes to me.
my sister has a boyfriend, my brother has a girlfriend, hell my DOG has a boyfriend! ahhhhh spring fever is coming about. <----what the hell does that even mean, i just said it to say it? why am i saying hell so much tonight. it's easter, i shouldn't be swearing.
oh it's also mike's birthday. i don't think you read my blog, but if you do, CHEERS!
i like how i said i was going to run a marathon. that was a pretty funny joke. don't you get it? ha ha.
i've been reading a novel set in dublin, i got an "ireland for dummies" book from rox and kare, and let's just say, i'm getting pretty excited! waaaahooey
oh and seeing oar/guster/ all in about 3 weeks.... pretty outta control on my scale. schwing.
i'm so glad flip-flop season is on it's way.
ohhhh whoops. i was supposed to find a job for the 2 months of summer this weekend. anyone want to hire me to, i don't know, get their mail? do their nails? scratch their back? let me know.
i am retiring to my bed. i'll catch you all on the flip side.

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