Monday, December 8, 2008

Thanksgiving Revisited

Today, on my day off, I am feeling like a house-wife. Don't tell anyone, but I actually don't mind it. For today, anyway. I did some dishes, cooked a nice breakfast (shared it with my husband), and tidyied up the kitchen. All without fuss! Actually, perhaps a little fan-fare.

I've read through all of the nienie dialogues, which are inspiring to say the least. Which has also pointed me to cjane's website, which is equally a treat to read. They've both been added to my daily blog readings, and give good inspiration for making a festive home.

So, for one, I'm thankful for good reads on the internet.

Secondly, going along with the house-wife theme, I'm thankful for my kitchen goodie drawer.

In it contains all that is needed for a weekend (and Monday day-off) of gluttony. I made a lot of recipes from my favorite websites... such as Nie Nie's Whole Wheat Pizza, this awesome salsa from Mighty Girl's suggestion, in addition to The Pioneer Woman's cheese muffins (omg), and (okay, a little embarassed to admit this one) Dottie's baked french toast (she's a Weight Watcher site guru, I wouldn't necessarily call her a blogger... but surfer beware: that site is full of ads and isn't aesthitically pleasing to the eye...)

Anyway, back to the goody drawer. Among my favorites: citrus zester, cheese grater, potato peeler, and my #1Fav: the mojito masher. Ah. Bliss.

I'm also thankful to Mr. Murphy, who has been a complete gentleman on my day off. I had visions of my pup running around ferally, wreaking havoc in the house, humping my leg, and all around annoying me on my day off. I considered taking him to Puppy Day Care, but in the end, Recession Lindsay won and I didn't justify the $25. He's been so mellow today, so I thank him!

Here's a recent picture of our little guy. We bought that little bed for him when he was a wee one, and at the time it was the perfect size for him. He could snuggle up right in it and have room to wiggle. The best part is that he still balls up into position and lays on it... but looks like a fat guy in a little coat. You know what I mean? No offense, little guy, but you're totally reminding me of Farley.

Now I'm going to finish lounging around on my day off... I'm watching wedding shows on the style channel, wishing I could get married again! Ahhh, to dream... (to Nick of course!)

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