Tuesday, December 9, 2008

December First

Gah! I’m always late. I wrote this on Dec. 1 but forgot to “publish”. So here it is, a woeful eight days late. Better late than never…


Dec. 1 is a big day for a few reasons:


It’s the day Rosa Parks remained seated in her seat after a day’s work, and got up for no one. Wow. Think about that. While most of us weren’t living at this time, the fact that we lived in a time when Rosa was still alive is even huge. When we learned about her in social studies, she wasn’t like most of the other people we learned about because she was still around. There wasn’t a whole lot of modern day history that I can remember learning about where the subjects were still alive, and even as a school kid I found that to be really interesting.


It’s also World Aids Day. So, here’s something to think about, taken from www.statenews.com on a story about World Aids Day:


According to data from LAAN (Lansing Area AIDS Network), half of new HIV infections happen to people 25 years old or younger. Estimates say there are about 18,000 people in Michigan with HIV or AIDS.


That number is way too high. 50% of infections are happening in my age bracket? I know it shouldn’t be happening in ANY age bracket, but it’s just astounding to me because we’re the generation that grew up learning about HIV/AIDS and how to prevent it. I think kids don’t even consider it, to be honest. My guess is people worry more about pregnancy or other STDs when they are unprotected. The number is just frightening to me, and I really hope it resonates to the people who read it in the State News. It’s just not worth the risk!!!! Yes, four exclamation points!!!!

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