Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It's Not Just Me, Right?

Is it just me, or is anyone else freaking the f out about the economy right now? I just read on cnn.com that today, between 4-5 different companies, they announced lay-offs of over 20,000 people.
Um, excuse me, but that's a shit-ton of people. That's an entire college campus of kids who won't get jobs. That's an entire suburb, all without income. 20,000 is a gross amount. And none of these were automotive-related... so sure, when you compare it to the hundreds-of-thousands of jobs that have been lost in Michigan alone (stomach = lurch + flop) it's wee in size but yet, still humongous in size.
I can't help but get into my Recession Lindsay mode, as my husband likes to call it. For instance: the other night, dinner consisted of leftover hamburger buns, topped with cheese, and a dinged can of soup. Nick literally laughed when I put the food in front of him (don't I sound so domestic?  No, I did not tuck in his napkin, he did that himself.) and dubbed it Recession Lindsay Dinner.
Another prime example: we're at a basketball game last night (free tickets won at work - heavens no I wouldn't buy tickets when we're in a recession!) and the beer! soda! peanuts! guy comes by. I catch a glimpse of his inventory and gasp audibly at his sign. $8.00 for a 22 oz beer. Nick gets up at halftime to use the loo, and comes back looking sullen. "I was going to get a beer and some nachos but the line was too long."
"A beer!? For $8!? I could buy a 6-pack - a fancy 6-pack mind you - for $8 at Busch's! They should be selling you a beer for $1.50, $2 tops!" He just laughed it off, but I was serious! 
OMG - when did I turn into such a cheapie????

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